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just tell him/her that you do not feel for him/her the same way that you did before (if you did love him/her in the past)... an that you dont want to hurt his/hers feelings an that you still respect him as a person(if you do) an that you jus grew apart from him/her ..

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Q: How do i tell someone i no longer love them when they still love me?
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How do you tell someone you love that your in love with someone else?

Just tell them the truth. Say that it isn't them it's you and that you can still be friends, but i found someone else, and then apologize. ~kellly101

What do you with someone that you are still in love with but you don't know if they love you?

Tell them how you feel. At least if you tell them it's off your chest.

If your husband tells you he is no longer in love with you what should you do if you are still in love with him?


How can you tell your boyfriend you like someone else but still love him?

if u tell him that then he wont believe that u still love him so i suggest keeping that to yourself.

How do you break up with someone who still loves you and you love but are not in love with anymore?

Tell that person that you don't think its working out between you and them. Tell them you still love them but more as a brother/sister/friend. And lastly tell them you can still be friends (if that's what you want).

How do you tell someone i no longer love them?

You have to be straight forward, honest, empathetic and polite - keep it simple.

What does it mean when your ex girlfriend asks to show her that you love her?

She's your ex, so unless you still love her just tell her that you are broken up and its no longer your responsibility to show her that you love her. She just wants to keep your attention until she can find someone else. It makes her still feel wanted.

How can you know if someone is romantic?

If they don't tell you that they love you until they mean it, or until statutory rape is no longer a problem

How do you tell a guy you no longer love him?

You simply say " i no longer love you" then walk away.

How do you tell someone you love him when you have moved on?

how can you tell if someone has moved on

How do you know if she still loves you though now she is with someone else?

Although you are probably hurt and upset the girl says she still has love for you, but she has gone on to be with someone else. This should tell you that for whatever the reason you two are no longer together she is not going to wait for you to have a relationship and a life. You may have to get over her and move on she did.

What should you do if you tell someone you love them and they in response tell you thank you?

You should look for someone else to love.

How can you tell someone you once loved you don't love them any longer?

You have to be honest , straight forward, and polite - always be truthful.

How do you tell someone why you love them?

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

What should you tell someone you love?

I Love You

Can someone tell to love someone you even if you don't want be in love?

No you can full in love

Can someone still love you after you rejected them?

It depends on how you rejected them...? If you let them down easy then maybe.. if not then probably not...(Edited by:Kevin F.)If you lie about why you can't go out with someone and he/she are friends with your friends then they will find out if you lied and they will no longer have feelings for you(i know from experience).But if you tell the truth then he/she will still like you cause you didn't lie to them

Are there still signs of Leukemia in someone that had it 8 years ago but has no longer had it Can a doctor tell from a blood test also there were never any surgeries with this Leukemia can they tell?

yes, they can still tell, because it was part of your body. it will still be shown in blood tests. :)

How do you tell if your ex is still in love with you?

the way you can tell if your ex still is in love with cause they be on yo team!

How do you tell people that you are a lesbian?

to tell someone your lesbain like your parents or friends all you have to do is be brave and think that they will still love you even if you are a lesbain

How do you tell your husband that you are still in love with someone else?

you know what im done with u. i found a real man who can give me all the love in and out of me

How do you tell someone you love her?

Just tell her how u feel then break out and tell her u love her!!!!!

When does a woman know she is in love?

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

What are the best ways to tell someone you are in love with him or her?

Just simply tell them that you love them.

How do you tell someone that you love them?

Look them in the eyes, and tell them!