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How do i turn off my low tire pressure light on a 2002 Oldsmobile alero?


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2009-03-18 02:55:59
2009-03-18 02:55:59

its in the owners manual. push the red button in the fuse box

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It should, yes. That would be normal operation.

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A 2002 Oldsmobile Alero is able to hold 14.1 gallons of gasoline. Its gas mileage is around 21-25 miles per gallon.

where is the 2002 oldsmobile alero cruise control vacuum line?

The top speed of a 2002 alero is 175 mph. There was a special on topgear where the alero raced an audi and won

Bolted on the right side of the trunk

yes it does i have a 2003 olds-mobile alero v6 sedan and the governor stops the car at 110mph

In the fuel tank - cost will be $200-$400 to replace

the plug gap is 0.60. hope this helps...

there is no dip stick for the trans on either the 2.4 or the 3400.

I have a 2002 alero how do you reset, the coolant light is always on. Thanks, Alero owner

a 2002 Alero could have several problems causing the overheating. Thermostat, water pump, or clogged radiator issues are the most common causes of overheating.

Your 2002 Alero has to be lifted up on a hoist and there is a plug that has to be removed. There is no dipstick. Once the plug has been opened you can insert your finger in the hole to see if there is oil in there.

In 2002 it could either have a 2.2 L with 140 horsepower or 3.4 L with 170 horsepower. has a easy to use tool to find out. It asks you the year, make, model, elt... An alero has 6x9 in the rear.

2002-2004 Alero 2.2L Has a Stock Limit of 110, 115 on certain models only. Source: Maxing out speed on Highway

unless someone has changed it your Alero has Dexcool in it. Dexcool is available at any auto parts store or Walmart.

On the engine compartment fuse block, which is on the driver's side of the engine near the battery, the left headlamp is fuse number 51 and the right headlamp is 50. Fuse numbers 19 and 20 are for the automatic light control. Source: 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Owner's manual

Behind the glove box. Not an easy chore to fix if you're not mechanically inclined.

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