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Your doctor will tell you how to wear it.

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Jones fracture when i get my cast off do you have to wear a boot or something like that?

Yes you get a walking boot.

How long will you wear a cast after a hairline fracture?

How long a cast is on depends on the location of the hairline fracture. In sensitive areas the cast will need to be worn longer.

How long will you have to wear a foot-to-knee plaster cast after breaking a metatarsal bone?


Do you wear a boot for a fractured knee?

Yep. U can also get a cast

How long will you wear a cast after a fibula fracture?

It depends on how fast YOU recover. Everyone is different.

Why would my big toe be swollen?

It could be multiple things. You may have fractured it, broke it, sprained it, etc. When this happened to me, I went to a doctor and it turned out to be a fracture and I had to wear a boot-like cast for two weeks. See a doctor as soon as possible.

When do you wear the walking black boot cast?

When you break your leg. Then, you go, to the dct. and then liike give you that.

Do the boxer fracture affect on your life?

Other than the cast you'll wear for a couple of months (and perhaps some pins, which are sometimes temporarily inserted to stabilize the fracture), you should be fine.

What do you wear after a cast for a broken fibula?

Orthopedic surgeons usually move from cast to a "boot", an ugly looking heavy boot that comes up to the knee. It improves stability while the bone finishes healing.

How lonG does it take a broken second metatarsal to heal?

I'm no doctor but i broke my second metatarsal on July 3rd. I didn't pull any ligaments or cartilage but it was broken all the way through the bone. I had a cast on for 6 weeks then got it off and had a walking boot for 3 weeks. Now i wear regular foot wear and i can stand on my broken foot without pain, but I am still unable to walk without a limp and go on rel-ave fulling putting all my weight on that foot. So far its been 3 months for me, but its different for everyone and nature will tell.

What is prosthetic boot?

a prosthetic boot is a boot that is made up with parts of the prosthetic things to make a prosthetic boot. Plus you can wear a prosthetic boot

How do you say the boot in spanish?

Do you mean the boot of a car, 'the sack' ('given the boot'), the things soldiers and workmen wear, the things huntsmen wear...? Please be more specific.

Should you wear a cast for a hairline fracture?

It depends on how susceptible it is to being hit again and whether moving your joint would make it worse.

Is there a certain cleat that a soccer goalie should wear?

No, a goalkeeper can wear any boot they want, there are no special boot designed for keepers.

What you wear that begins with a W?

Wellington boot

She is wearing a boots?

She is wearing a boot - singular (one boot).She is wear boots (or a pair of boots) is plural.

What do you wear when you have a sprained ankle?

Either wear a walking boot, a brace, or a compression wrap.

Which football boot does iniesta wear?

CTR 360

What size of boot do Blake Shelton wear?


Should you wear poolee shirt to boot camp?

NO! When you arrive at the MCRD for boot camp you have not yet earned the privilege to wear the EGA, and your Drill Instructors will let you know that!

Recovery time of a fibula fracture?

It's a late answer but maybe, if posted over the internet will help other people. I have suffered an undisplaced fibula fracture above the ankle while skating and my doctor has adviced not to cast the leg but to wear a walking boot from the very begining. I got an "Air inflated" one and after one week i feel ok. Of course i do not put weight in the respective leg at all and move with crutches, but I go to the office and hope in a faster recovery than casting. REgards

Can you wear contacts in boot camp?

No. They will provide you with prescription glasses.

What footwear does a hockey player wear?

a ice hockey boot

What type of boot does brad paisley wear?


What size boot would you wear in big Buddha's?