How do inclined planes work?

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Inclined Planes allow heavy objects to be moved up or down using less effort over a greater distance.

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What are two simple machines which are types of inclined planes?

Inclined planes and wedges are both forms of inclined planes.

Are inclined planes straight up and down?

no they are leaning which is why they are called inclined planes

What are some examples of inclined planes?

Some examples of inclined planes are kicker ramps used in skateboarding. Another example of an inclined plane is an angled driveway. The sides of a pyramid make inclined planes.

What are adjectives for inclined planes?

slanted,easier work, simple machine,and force

What kind of inclined planes are there?

There are many kinds of inclined planes. Some examples are: driveways, slide, and a ramp. There are many kinds of inclined planes. Some examples are: driveways, slide, and a ramp.

What is some inclined planes you use everyday?

Some inclined planes would be a wheelchair ramp, or a binder.

Who invented inclined planes?

aincients where the first to use inclined planes so no one is credited for inventing it first

Who is a scientist who contributed to inclined planes?

The inclined plane is one of the "five simple machines" known from antiquity.Some people who contributed to the science of inclined planes are:Heron of AlexandriaGalileo GalileiDid the Greek philosopher Archimedes contribute to inclined planes?

What are examples of an inclined plane and their uses?

Wheelchair ramps are inclined planes.

Name two uses for inclined planes?

Inclined planes are usually used for making work easier. They are used as loading ramps on trucks, as a away to help people in wheelchairs have the access they need, and they are used as slides, for fun.

How do inclined planes work Are they always fixed?

Inclined planes are simple machines whose use enables a trade-off between mass and distance. They need no be fixed except that it may be sensible to anchor them during use.

Did the Chinese use Inclined Planes?

The inclined plane, along with the lever, were the first inventions of mankind. The Chinese would have used inclined planes long before recorded history.

What are examples of inclined planes in the house?

Some inclined planes are wheel chair ramp, doorstop, windshield, and bucket of a wheel barrel.

What kind of simple machine is a ramp?

inclined plainA ramp is an example of an inclined plane(:A ramp is an inclined planeincline planeA ramp belongs under the simple machine category of inclined planes. Inclined planes are sloping or slanting in figure which allows less effort to be exerted or applied, making work easier. The ramp has one end raised up to help raise an object, rather pushing a certain object than lifting it. Other examples of inclined planes other than the ramp are the stairs. When two inclined planes are put back to back, another simple machine called the wedge.

What are some examples of inclined planes in your house?

examples of inclined planes are your roof a lamp shade the beck of a t.v. a ramp and the back of your couch

How does a wedge make work easier?

A wedge is two connected inclined planes, used to cut into things (an axe). This is not to be confused with an inclined plane (a doorstop). this answer is correct and proveded

Who uses inclined planes?

Inclined planes are commonly used in a lot of objects. Inclined plains are in ladders, stairs car ramps, roller coasters, everything. So most people use them.

Why are stairs a inclined planes?

a stair is an inclined plane because it can make it eaiser for you to walk on it to get where you need inclined planes and other simple machines or even compound machines make our life eaiser

Where do people use inclined planes?

the typical wheelchair accessible ramp is an inclined plane

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