How do jaguars avoid predators?

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What types of predators eat jaguars?

Jaguars have no predators besides humans. Therefore, no predators eat jaguars.

How do jaguars survive their predators?

Jaguars are apex predators and have no predators themselves.

What are jaguars - prey or predators?


What are the predators of the Capuchin monkey?

The Boa, Eagle, Jaguars and Hawk are the main predator of Capuchin monkeys. Capuchin monkeys stay most of the time on treetops to avoid predators.

Who are the predators of the jaguar?

Large anacondas and large crocodilians will occasionally prey on jaguars.

What is a spectacled bear's predators?

its predators are jaguars and pumas

Are jaguars predators?


Are jaguars prey?

No they are predators

What are the sloths predators or enemies?

The sloth's predators are mainly jaguars.

Predators of a jaguar?

No predators for the jaguars. They are a top tier predator.

Are the jaguars predators prey or both?

Jaguars are predators but occasionally are killed and eaten by large crocodilians or large anacondas.

Who threatens jaguars?

Mainly deforestation, as Jaguars are the top predators in their South American habitats.

Does a tapir eat anacondas or jaguars?

No, Tapirs are herbivores, Jaguars and Anaconda are the tapirs predators.

Do anaconda have predators?

Yes. Large black caimans and jaguars are predators of the anaconda.

Do jaguars eat humans?

no they do not because we are their predators.

Do jaguars eat vampire bats?

Jaguars are not on the list of predators for vampire bats. The main predators of vampire bats are hawks and eagles.

What are anteaters' predators?

The Giant Anteater's predators include jaguars and mountain lions.

What is an predators for green anaconda?

Jaguars and large black caimans are predators of green anacondas.

What are sloth's main predators?

The sloth's main predators are humans, harpy eagles, and jaguars.

What eats the harpy eagle?

Jaguars are occasion predators.

What are the predators white tailed deer?

wolves and jaguars

What kind of food do jaguars eat?

Jaguars are predators, they eat the flesh (meat) from the animals they catch and kill.

What are the monkeys predators and how do they avoid them?

Monkeys swing from branch to branch to avoid predators.

How do rabbits avoid predators?

They avoid predators by running away and going into their burrows.

What is the pretators to a Jaguar?

Jaguars have few predators in the wild. Humans are a big threat to Jaguars. There other predatory threat are other Jaguars, when they engage in combat.