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Talking with eachother, riding bikes, playing board or computer games, riding bikes, playing at the park, watching movies, playing on the internet, playing some kind of video game device, some enjoy reading, making a crafty thing,Lots of stuff

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How did Sioux kids have fun?

They are kids. These kids have fun by playing.

Why are kids so fun?

Kids are fun because they are cute. We like everything they do. We like to play with kids that's why kids are fun.

What do kids do for fun in Italy?

For fun kids in Italy will play on computers. Kids will also go fishing and play in the water for fun.

Where can kids have there birthday party?

most kids have there's at Chuck e cheeses or fun fun fun

What did the pioneer kids do for fun?

they had no fun :(

What did the kids of Jamestown do for fun?

they had fun

What will your job be like as a pediatrician?

woking with kids will be fun woking with kids will be fun

What do kids in Madagascar do for fun?

they play soccer for fun

Is poptropica bad for kids?

not sure, but its fun for kids...

Why are kids obsessed with Walt Disney World?

its fun fun fun wolrd

What do kids do for fun in New Zealand?

New Zealand kids play and have fun in a very similar way to kids in other developed countries.

Why do kids skate?

Its fun!

What can baseball do for kids?

They have fun

What are some fun free game websites for kids?

Try shockwave, it has free and fun online games for kids.

What do kids in Iceland do for fun?

Ask yourself: What do kids do for fun? Iceland isn't full of Amish people y'know.

What are some fun Christmas crafts to do with kids?

There are many fun Christmas crafts to do with kids. Examples of fun Christmas crafts to do with kids include paper plate Santa ornaments and marshmallow snowmen decorations.

What has the author Lois Burdett written?

Lois Burdett has written: 'Macbeth for Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!)' 'A Midsummer Night's Dream for Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!)' 'Hamlet' 'MacBeth' 'Hamlet for Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!'

Where can I find fun puzzles for kids?

Kids like to run around, play, and do fun activities to keep their minds flowing. Some fun puzzles you can do with kids are jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and word searches.

Who makes fun of kids who run into lockers?

Rude kids

Why do kids kill other kids?

It's Fun silly.

Is Skype for kids?

Yes It Is For Kids And Pearson Too They Could Have Fun In Skype For Kids.

Is laser quest good for kids?

The answer to that question is based on personal opinion. Laser tag isn't "bad" for kids. Laser tag is meant to be a fun experience and kids like to have fun. As such, laser tag is good for kids if "good" is defined as having fun.

What are some cheap fun activities for kids?

There are many fun activities that a person can do with their kids that do not cost money. Try finding a fun educational game to play with them on the computer.

Why are kids anoying?

because kids like to be anoying and want to have fun

Are bunnys fun for kids?

Some kids like them and some don't.

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