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How do know what the URL is to a picture online?

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If the picture is visible on the web, right click on the picture and select properties. That will provide you the URL of the photo.

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How do you get an URL for a picture that will show up in a fourm?

Get a picture online example: use Google images then click on the picture, then click on see full size image take the URL from your browser done.

How do you get the url for a picture on MySpace?

How do you get the url for a picture on MySpace?

How do you know your safe when shopping online?

when the url has .com not .org

How do you know what your zinch url is?

If you go to "View My Profile" at the top of the page, right above your picture it reads: "Personal URL: myurlhere" you can click on your URL and it will pop right up to your page as it will be seen via your URL, and you just copy and paste what is in the URL section.

How do you get a picture of yourself onto your YouTube layout?

You can upload you picture to copy the URL of your piicture then paste that URL into your channel design picture box

What do you call the picture next to the URL bar on Firefox?

The little picture to the left of the URL in the address bar is called a favicon.

I would like to know what breed of horse this picture could be URL will be below I just can't put here for some silly reason?

Here's the URL for the picture...

How do you add pictures to your page on WikiAnswers?

There are a few ways:1) Find a picture somewhere online and put the URL into the form of HTML code (there are sites that will do that for you).2) Copy the picture that you want and then paste it into your profile.3) Find a picture online (open in a separate window) and drag the picture into your profile.

How do you find out the URL of a picture to set it as a background for my-space?

if you right click on the picture and then click on properties, it should show the url.

How do you get a url of a picture?

If you are still online, you can generally right-click the picture, and select "Copy Image Address" or "Copy Image Link" and it will place it on your computers "Clipboard" for you to paste in your document.

URL- how do you know what your URL address is?

it's the url

How do you post another picture as a caption on MySpace?

Upload your picture on Copy the URL of the picture. Type in <img src=URLHERE> (Replace the URLHERE with the URL you just copied) in your picture caption. That's it. :]

What is the HTML codes for a picture in the background?

You can easily adjust the background of a web page as a picture. It can be set as : background-image="url('url-source')."

How do you add a URL to

How do you add a URL to Well, it depends where you want to put it:On your profileSimply add the URL as usual. If it's a picture, it will turn into the picture.In an answerSince rules don't allow URLs in answers, you need to go to the blue sidebar, click "Add Related Links", and fill in all the necessary information.On a message boardSame as the profile - add the URL as usual. If it's a picture, it will either turn into the picture or stay as the URL; it depends on the URL and picture format.Got any more ideas? Please add them!

How do you find a URL for a song on MySpace?

go to there profile and then write under their picture it says url:and then it has their url.

How do you check your URL on myspace?

on your profile when you look at it, it should say your URL should be right undernneath the picture. :]

How do you take a picture of you and put it on your blog?

First you'll need to take your picture and store the file somewhere accessible to you.Then you have a few options:Upload the image to an online website and then use the URL of the image in your code (use )Most blogging platforms allow you to upload files and then use them on your blog.

What does JPEG mean in a URL address?

The meaning of th acronym JPEG in a URL address is indicative that there is a picture at that link. Links with GIF and JPG will also indicate that there is a picture present.

What is the abbrieviation of online address?


What is the URL for before you forget?

To know what the URL is a person will need to know what the URL is for. Including information on what exactly is being referred to would be helpful.

Picture if Micheal ball's girlfriend?

Click the URL: They are married :)

How do you upload pictures on a webpage?

You don't upload a picture to a web page. You upload the picture to a server, then add the Address (URL) of where the picture is located to the web page. If you are adding a picture to a forum or blog, you need to find a website like Photobucket to host the picture for you After you upload the picture they will give you the URL for the picture (image).Then you can add it to the form provided by the website.

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How do you get a picture URL?

On most web browsers you can simply right-click the picture and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. A window with the image information (including the URL) should then pop up.

Do you have any leprechaun picture? Copy and paste that in the URL box-you know, the big long one.

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