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How do lock out hubs on a 4 wheel drive work?

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The hubs lock the axel to the hub, which drives the wheel. With the transfer case in 2WD, the rear driveshaft drives the rear wheels. Without front hubs, in 2WD, as the front tires roll, they spin the axles and the front driveshaft. With lock out hubs, in 2WD and the hubs unlocked only the tires spin. However, in 4WD if you forget to lock the hubs, only the driveshafts and axles spin. When I lived in MI, in the winter I always kept my hubs "locked", this way I could shift into 4WD whenever I needed to without getting out in the cold to "lock" the hubs.

2007-01-20 22:43:51
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Does 4 wheel drive work better when manually locking the front hubs?

If You have Manual Locking Front Hubs, Then the 4 wheel drive will not work/drive the front 2 wheels at all without, Locking-Them-In . Do Not Lock and use the 4 wheel drive on Dry Pavement.

Your four wheel drive on your 1995 ford f-250 diesel wont work?

did you get out of your vehicle and physically lock the hubs on the front wheels? there automatic locking hubs.

How does four wheel drive vacuum hubs work?

if your referring to the Roberts diff lock its manifold Vacuum created by the engine and this works in a piston arrangement to lock the diffs

Engaging the 4 wheel drive in a bronco ii?

push the 4X4 button located on the center console If you have a manual transfer case, you have to lock the front hubs, Turn the dials on the front hubs from "FREE" to "LOCK". The manual transfer case is "shift-on-the-fly". This means you can shift between 2HI and 4HI and back while moving. You must be stopped to shift from 4HI to 4LO or from 4LO to 4 HI. With automatic hubs the above answer will work. To disengage the auto hubs take it out of 4 wheel drive and drive in reverse for around 10 feet.

Why doesnt my 4 wheel drive work in my 2000 Kia sportage?

Although you have a manual shift on the transfer case the hubs lock in on vacuum. Chances are you have bad vacuum lines going to the hubs (about $150+ at a Kia dealer or $40 at your local service station). If not the lines, it will be the seals in the hubs.

My 1988 Bronco2 had a little clicking noise in the front leftnow the 4 Wheel drive quit working drive shaft turns but the 4 Wheel drive does not work whats the problem?

A friend of mine had the same problem and he just had to jump out and lock the hubs manually to get his 4x4 working.

How do lock out hubs work on a Chevy 4 wheel drive?

Lock out hubs release a tensioned spring that holds a splined gear over the outter end of the front drive axle. These cogs are splined to the axle on their inside,and geared to the hubs on their outside perimeter , making the connection between the two when locked in. These are located on each outter axle end ,in the hubs, at the center of the front wheels. When unlocked the front axles and front driveshaft are no longer forced to turn with the tire.

When you try to put your 1997 Geo Tracker into 4 wheel drive the light goes on but it doesn't work any sugestions?

Did you lock the hubs on the front wheels? They might turn with just your fingers, but sometimes you need to "help" them with a pair of flat pliers. Turn the arrow to LOCK or ENGAGE. When you are done, just turn the hub back to freewheel. If you have automatic locking hubs ( it will say AUTO on the hub) and you don't have 4 wheel, one or the other hubs may need replacing.

Why doesn't 4 wheel drive work in 1998 KIA sportage it light up?

There is a vacuum pipe system used to lock the front hubs. The t pieces in this system are platic, and break after a few years. This stops the hub from locking - hence only rear wheel drive despite what the light says.

How do Ford locking hubs work?

The Ford locking hubs allow you to manually disconnect the front wheels of your vehicle from the front half shafts. This basically shuts the 4 wheel drive off.

Can you convert a 2001 two wheel drive GMC sierra into a four wheel drive?

You can convert it to a 4-wheel drive but you would be wasting time and money doing it. You have a 50/50 chance of getting the 4-wheel drive to work on new trucks because of th ecu would not recognize the 4x4 when you lock the hubs. Plus if you have to be a very exiled fab. And welder. Plus know gm vehicles. I would sell yours and buy a 4x4.

How do auto locking hubs work?

Normally both wheels on a single axel revolve at an identical rate. Vehicles with auto-locking hubs have sensors that monitor the speed of each wheel independently. If a speed differential is detected meaning if one wheel begins to spin faster or slower than the other wheel, a solonoid (switch) is activated releasing the hubs such that they can spin in and lock. Because only one wheel has torque at any time, if there is a differential speed between the 2 wheels, it means that the torque wheel has broken loose.

How do differential locks work?

when a diff is locked,it causes both axles to receive equal drive at same time. a diff that is not locked has drive 70% power to one axle therefore if for example the drive wheel is stuck in mud, it will spin while other whell does not drive. to lock diffs, you stop the wheel spinning, then engage diff lock. this then supplies power to both wheels enabling the dry wheel to drive you out of where you are stuck

Does all wheel drive work the same as four wheel drive?

All wheel drive is all wheel drive, all the time. Four wheel drive is engaged or disengaged by the driver.

How does a Wheel lock work?

Its an obsolete gunlock using flint and a revolving wheel

Will a 2 wheel drive transmission work in a four wheel drive 92 chevy?

NO... 2 and 4-wheel drive transmissions WILL NOT INTERCHANGE.

How do you disengage shift on the fly hubs?

If the truck has ESOF (electronic shift on the fly) just let up on the throttle and turn the switch to 2WD, the hubs will unlock by themselves assuming the manual override knobs out at the wheels have not been set to "lock". If so, those will have to be turned to "unlock" as well. If non ESOF, make sure the floor shifter is in the 2 wheel drive position, then get out and turn the hubs on the wheels to "unlock". If the above does not work for either type of system , there is an issue with the manual hub locks at the wheels and you will need to get them looked at.

Is it safe to drive in 2 wheel drive if the 4 wheel drive does not work in a 1991 ford explorer 4x4?

Should be

4 wheel drive doesn't work?

You'll have to be more specific about your 4 wheel drive: What doesn't work? Will it start up? Does it drive properly? Explain yourself.

How does the front end work on a 4 wheel drive 2000 Jeep Cherokee without manual lock-outs?

the wheels ar always linked to the axle and the drive shaft the drive shaft is disconnected in the transfer case

Will a turbo 400 from a 2 wheel drive work in a 4X4 350?

NO. 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive transmissions are DIFFERENT. They will not interchange.

How does the awd work on a polaris scrambler 500?

All wheel drive also known as 4 wheel drive.

What transmission will fit your 1996 Tahoe?

The ONLY 2 years that will work is 96 and 97 4L60E transmission. If it is a 4-wheel drive then it must be a 4-wheel drive transmission. If it is a 2-wheel drive then it must be a 2-wheel drive transmission. 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive transmissions will not interchange.

How do the locking hubs work on the 2003 Ford F250 Mine turn to the right to lock to the left it says auto What does auto mean?

If you have manual locking hubs they lock when you turn clockwise. This engages the wheels to the front axles and the front differential. You can then engage the 4wd from the cab lever. If you unlock the hubs (turn couterclockwise) they disengage and "free wheel" This position saves a little fuel since you are not spinning all that heavy steel in the front differential all the time. You should always engge the hubs a few times per year even if you don't use the 4wd. This allows all of the oil seals to turn and get new lubricant.

What would cause your all wheel drive not to work?

i have a 95 Chevy astro van.what would cause the all wheel drive to work sometimes but not all the time?