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How do low carb diets work?

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Low carb diets work on the premise that by limiting your intake of carbohydrates, your body will be forced to burn fat as it's fuel source. Carbohydrates are what your body typically favors as it's energy source as the carbohydrate molecules are most easily broken down and converted to energy. Too many carbohydrates creates an over-influx of available energy and the body is likely to store this unused energy as fat.

Low carb diets do not allow for this to happen as your carbohydrate intake is insufficient for daily energy requirements. Your body will them go to it's stored energy (fat) supply to get you through the day. This is the basis of popular low carb diets such as the Atkins diet.

Many people believe that limiting your carbohydrate intake can be dangerous, however. Basic bodily and brain functions require easily converted energy to operate at their best and depleting your body of carbs can cause nausea, headaches and slower brain functionality.

A better diet to follow may be a low glycemic index diet, that allows slow burning carbs to fuel you throughout the day with minimal risk of body fat storage.

There are many diets that work that utilize the low glycemic index without the unpleasant side effects of depleting your body of carbs.

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Do low carb diets cause diabetes?

No, low carb diets do not cause diabetes. Low carb diets do the opposite. A low carbohydrate diet helps to treat diabetes.

Are there any websites that could help me find low carb diets?

There are many low carb diets in the world today, and with the use of internet you can easily find what you are looking for. Here is a website that gives info on a variety of low carb diets:

What are some no-carb diet plans?

Here are some facts about low carbohydrate diets that may assist you in your dieting choices. Low-carbohydrate diets or low carb diets, are food diet programs .Here are some facts about low carbohydrate diets that may assist you in your dieting choices. Low-carbohydrate diets or low carb diets, are food diet programs .

Are low carb diets out of style?

Low carb diets can be good for people that have problems with high levels of insulin. I'm pretty sure they are not out of style.

Are there any cheap low carb diets worth trying?

There are tons of cheap low carb diets on there. Just look them up online because that's where they're usually advertised. This is a good website for people who are seeking low carb diets:

Where can I find information about low carb diets on the Internet?

You can find information about low carb diets at websites such as and, which specialize in different forms of diets. These websites give you information on the benefits of low carb diets and the proper way to practice one and still get the nutrients you need to live a healthy life.

Where can I find out more about low carb diets?

For a low carb diet, I would look up a diet online. The internet has tons of information on ALL kinds of low carb diets. Maybe you can look into a full time diet plan.

What is a good low carb diet?

You can find some easy low carb diets with menus at The Atkins Diet is one of the easiest low carb diets and can be found at

Where can one find a low carb food list?

A low carb food list can be found in the Atkins diet book or website and on Low Carb Diets, Authority Nutrition, Traveling Low Carb and Body Building.

What is the chemical process that makes carbohydrates?

low-carb diets

Where can I find information on the low carb diet?

While there is no such thing as a no carb diet you can start a healthy low carb diet. Several low carb diets are available and finding the right one for you requires just a little research. Most of the major low carb diets have books on the subject many of which can be purchased from Amazon or a local book store. While informing yourself about the different low card diets you can start cutting out sugars, sodas, and anything that is extremely unhealthy. After that choosing the right low carb diet for you is a matter of preference. Some diets suggest cutting out all white foods such as sugars, potatoes, flours, and even milk in some diets.

Where can you get information on a carb free diet?

You can find a plethora of tips and information on low-carb diets on many of the internet's leading health sites and sites dedicated to low-carb diets. To name a few, there is LowCarbDiets, AuthorityNutrition, and CarbFreeFoods.

Where can I find a list of food suitable for a low carb diet?

One can find a list of food suitable for a low carb diet from the following sites; low carb diets in About site, low carb dieting for dummies from Dummies site, and low carb food at Atkins.

what are low carb foods and why are they good for you?

Low carb foods are foods low in carbohydrates and help in weight loss programs. You should always take suppliments if your on low carb diets. Good luck.

Are there any low carb recipes online?

Yes, there are a lot of low carb recipes online. This site offers a bunch of low carb recipes and is just a starting place to learn about low carb diets.

Where can I find a list of low carb foods?

Low carb foods can be found on many websites, such as 'low carb diets' and 'mayo clinic'. If you do not have access to the internet, visit a local library at the health or cooking section, for a low carb recipe book.

Do low carb high protein diets work?

While low carb high protein diets work in the short term, there is no evidence to suggest that they work in the longer term. Furthermore, there are many health risks associated with it. For example, a large scale study has recently shown that a low carb high protein diet is linked to an increased risk of dying as a result of heart attacks and strokes (,-high-protein-diet-increases-risk-of-heart-attack--Study).

How do I find information on low carb diets? supplies a wide array of information on low carb diets. They give several different recipes as well as a getting started guide for beginners.

What are some low fat diets that work?

You could try the Ornish diet, but many people find low fat diets are hard to follow, and don't usually work very well. I would recommend following a low carb diet to lose weight quickly.

Where can I find the best online list of low carb diet foods?

The best place to find online low carb diets foods would be to go to calorie counters. You can find these calorie counters online which will help you find low carb diets that can help you keep your shape.

Where can I go to get information on weight loss low carb diets?

Many people considering weight loss try low carb diets such as Atkins. A nutritionist can help to guide you in eating low carbs while still staying healthy.

Where can I find more information on low carbohydrate?

Many diets follow a low-carb approach, because carbohydrates turn into sugars as they digest. You can check out sites for the Atkins diet and the Zone diet to find out more about low-carb diets.

Are low carb diet plans successful in the long term?

The term 'low carb diet' is one that every American is now familiar with. The views are varied on the success of low carb diets, and although they were Over the long term, these diets may be unhealthy for your body and only a short term.

Do low carb diets prevent stomach bloating?

Yes, low carb foods can help you to avoid stomach bloating if the cause is food (and it usually is).

Can you drink milk on a low carb diet?

Yes. But you won't be able to drink much and most low carb diets do not recommend drinking milk.