How do lymphatic vessels resemble veins?

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Like veins of the blood vascular system, the lymphatic collecting vessels have three tunics and are equipped with valves
Carry lymph. Yea varily.
Lymphatic vessels need a proper method of transport so they can reach their destination. They are not pumped, but pushed along by skeletal muscle contractions, and valves are in place to prevent fluid from flowing backward. They resemble veins, because the vessels need to be small enough to fit within the body along with the other arteries and veins, which are small enough to be in proximity.
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Difference between veins and lymphatic vessels?

Comparison between Lymph Vessels and Veins. . Similarities. . both have an interconnecting network of progressively larger vessels; . both transport fluids to the heart;

Which organ are associated with lymphatic vessels?

Lymphatic vessels are vein-like tubes connected at one end to the tiny organs known as lymph nodes, which carry the lymph (serum full of white blood cells) from the lymph node

Are veins in the lymphatic system?

Veins are part of the circulatory system, not the lymphatic system. The two systems are very closely related. Your circulatory systems consists of the arteries which are takin