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How do make your hair punk?

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2011-09-12 22:37:03

Try shopping at hottopic and maybe cutting your hair. If you

shop at hot topic you can get hair extensions in colors like blue,

purple, and black. You could always wear the darker makeup to take

away from your hair.

Also cut your hair very short and put black highlights in it.

You should spike your hair with an eased gel or water. Also you

could wear black with chains hanging out of your pocket.

----------mostly straight, no fluff. Pink/blue/white etc.

highlights/dyed on a lock of hair from start to end.->Girls

Maybe just really dark or plain black/ straight for guys, messy

a little. Not perfect for anything.

Really I don't see a standard for punk. Just don't make it

flashy or preppy.

NO NO NO!! don't follow that advise or you will instantly become

a mall punk which is pretty much the equivalent of being a poser

but as for hair Mohawk liberty spikes are the best way to go

(elmers school glue is the best way to hold liberty spikes) also if

you want low maintenance just get a faux hawk its more alternative

than punk but if you dye it a bright coler it will be awesome by

the way you have to get it to agrea with your type of punk be it

anarcho, crust, local, neng (new England punk), or some other

variation you can usually find these at wikipedia.

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