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Since humans are mammals, the answers are limited only by the imagination. Assuming that you are referring to animals, the answer could be quite lengthy: Biting, clawing, smothering, drowning, bludgeoning, kicking, dropping, throwing, etc... -and many more are possible. When you think about it, the simplest answer is to ask how a creature might die: Fright (stress induced arrest), blood loss, crushing, hypoxia, deceleration trauma, drowning... -You name it and there is probably a mammal that does it to their prey. And that is the simplest answer of all: The method of killing is limited only by the inventiveness of the predator and the tools that are available to it.

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Are monkeys pray or predators?

Both. Some monkeys will hunt, kill, and eat other mammals. Mostly monkeys are prey for bigger predators.

How do jaguars kill and catch their pray?

I don't know how they catch there pray but the kill there pray with a quick bit.They would do the neck but sometimes the pray is to quick for the cat.

How do cobra snakes kill their pray?

They strangle their pray.

How long dos it take to kill its pray?

It would take 10 to 20 min. to kill its pray. It also depends on what the pray is too.

Are seals harmless?

No, they are one of the most deadliest mammals in the ocean. They pray on larger animals such as great white sharks, sea lions, and are often known to kill humans.

How do pythons kill?

they sufficate its pray

How does a baby spider kill its prey?

It killes its pray by jumping on it and sucking out the insides of the pray

When weasels attack their pray do they kill?


Do octopus swim to catch their pray or wait till it swims by?

They Want for there pray to swim bye then can kill it

How do octopuses kill their pray?

choke it too death

How does eagles kill their pray?

They take it down out of the sky if its a bird and dig their claws into it, if its not a bird they circle round it then dive down on top of their pray then dig their claws into it and kill it.

Is cockroach important to the ecosystem?

Yes, Its a pray item for some mammals, but its considered a pest to people.

How does military sonar kill marine mammals?

no but victoire does!

What mammals do dolphins kill?

Dolphins eat fish.

What was a boomerang originally made for?

To kill or harm pray or enemies

How does a Gila monster kill its prey?

Gila monsters kill there pray by putting venom inside there body's.

How do they kill there pray?

how do wombats kill their pray? well they would see something chasing it so then it will run up to 25 miles ph. then it would stop dead, and the pray will run staight into the wombats bum and break it's neck. happy times! :)

Why Hindus pray to Shiva?

Shiva is the god of destruction or just Lord of Evil. Hindus pray to him to get revenge on someone that they probably hate, or maybe even they pray to him to kill someone.

How are scavengers and preditors alike?

because for one they both pray, predator's eat there kill while scavengers pray for what others have killed.

How do Tigers kill and catch their pray?

by digging there teeth into the preys neck

What does the bobcat do to survive?

they have sharp teeth and claws to kill and eat their pray

How does the fox get what he is after?

the fox sneaks until the pray is hopples and attacks for the kill

What adaptations does an assassin bug have?

the assassin bug has poison to kill its pray

How does the anacoda kill its pray?

By "constriction" - this means squeezing it so that it can not breath.

Do meerkets kill?

meerkats kill scorpions, they brake eggs, small mammals,birds,small snakes

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