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One of the primary means of bacterial locomotion is the bacterial flagellum, a rotary

" motor " that propels the bacteria whip like through water.

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How do many bacteria living in the moist conditions move about?

If there are many bacteria that are living in tight moist conditions they do not move about very well. They will likely start to choke each other out.

Hoe do many bacteria living in moist conditions move about?

throw that money one hand and say yeah .....

How do many bacteria living in moist areas move?

because many microbes are aerobic and facaltative anerobes

What do many bacteria form when growing conditions are not right?

When growing conditions are not right, many bacteria form

What are the conditions bacteria require for growth?

There are many conditions that are required for bacteria to grow including plenty of sunlight. Bacteria also need water in order to grow.

What bacteria need to divide?

There are four main conditions that bacteria need to divide. These are warmth, food, time and moisture. Many bacteria can grow straight away given the right conditions.

Circular air currents that produce the moist conditions of the trophics and the dry conditions in many of the great deserts of the earth is called?

Hadley Cells.

What are the circular air currents that produce the moist conditions of the tropics and the dry conditions in many of the great deserts of the earth called?

Hadley Cells

How many centimeters does a horse's hoof grow every month?

Hoof horn growth is approximately 1cm per month. This all depends on the conditions in which the horse is living. Warm, moist weather my cause the hoof to grow faster; cold, dry conditions slow the growth down.

Bacteria that produce thick walls around themselves are called?

many bacteria can produce thick-walled endospores when conditions are unfavorable.

Why are the populations of many lake bacteria higher in the summer?

When there are warmer temperatures, which is usually in the summer, it provides ideal growing conditions for the bacteria.

Is dung abiotic?

Yes but it has many biotic things (such as bacteria) living on or in it.

Is bacteria inside a person's body an organism of the same species?

No, bacteria are separate organisms from the body, and there are many different species of bacteria living in humans.

Is cell without nucleus is living or not?

There are many cells without nucleus.Examples are bacteria,arche bacteria,mamalia erythrocytes etc

What is the circular air currents that produce the moist conditions of the tropics and dry conditions in many of the great deserts of the earth called?

Not D - jetstreams And its not A. frontal systems. its hadley cells :)-anna

What conditions promote bacterial growth?

Most bacteria will grow in dark, moist, warm areas with a neutral PH balance (ph7, water, sweat, most foods) and a source of food for the bacteria, such as sugars, and protein. All bacteria need to grow in conditions such as this is time. (And not very long, either. 4 hours on average) Sadly, the Human body is one of the most optimal places for bacterial growth. We have many nooks and crannies where sweat can gather in a dark place (such as under our clothing) and sit for long enough for bacteria to grow. This is why it's very important to keep clean.

Is soil non living or living?

Soil is non-living; however, it does make a good home for many animals, from bacteria up in size to gophers.

How are bacteria and viruses the same?

Some ways a bacteria and virus are the same are, -some cause disease -they both reproduce -they both are in the human body and on everything we touch but, they have many differents. For instants, -a bacteria is living -bacteria need energy they are many more.

What is a difference between bacteria and viruses that shows that bacteria are living organims and viruses are not?

Bacteria metabolize ingested nutrients. Viruses do not do this. Bacteria reproduce by fusion. A virus needs a host to reproduce. Bacteria exchange gases with the environment. A virus does do this. A bacteria is motile in many cases. Flagella. Viruses must depend on the current in solution. As you see viruses do not have any of the markers of living organisms, but some biologists do not fully agree that viruses are not a sort of living organism.

How many times does a bacteria cell reproduce in a day?

A lot, In ideal conditions a bacteria can reproduce in 20 min. So it would be like o min 1 bacteria 20 min 2 bacteria 40 min 4 bacteria 60 min 8 bacteria...

Why do living systems require stable internal conditions?

Many activities done through enzymes.They need optimum conditions

How do bacteria help people?

There are many bacteria that help the human body. There are over eight hundred different bacteria living in the human body and some help with the digestive system in the body.

What is the meaning of 'vegetative bacteria'?

Vegatative bacteria are those bacteria or microogranisms that can grow and reproduce in rich, moist soil where many nutrients are available. The actively growing bacteria in these conditions are referred to as "vegatative cells". Many types of bacteria and fungi can flourish under these conditions. Some examples of bacteria and fungi that can actively reproduce in this kind of soil are Bacillus, Streptomyces, Pseudomonas, Micrococcus, Mycobacterium and Clostridium. Mycobacterium tuberculosis can cause the disease tuberculosis, and Colstridium botulinum can cause botulism poisoning. When soil nutrients or moisture are depleted, bacteria from the genus of Bacillus and Clostridium produce an endospore inside each vegatative cell. Once the vegatative cell (active bacteria) no longer has enough nutrients or moisture to survive, it releases the endospore. The endospore can remain viable for very long periods. When the right conditions return for growth, the endospore creates another vegatative cell, and the bacteria becomes active again. Some fungi produce spores in a similar fashion. I am a Registered Medical Technologist, and have spent several years as a clinical microbiologist.

How many syllables does moist have?

The word moist has one syllable.

What was the living conditions during the black death?

The living conditions during the black death were very hard for people who were poor. People who were rich would leave the cities to get away from the black death. Keep in mind that one in three people died during these pandemics. No one had any idea about bacteria or viruses. People thought that bad air caused the diseases. Overall living conditions improved because labor shortages meant that the poor that survived received higher wages and had many more opportunities.

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