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The excretory system of Meerkats is similar to that of other mammals. They have kidneys and a urinary bladder, and their urine is liquid.

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What happens to rats after they eat spider plants?

They either * excret their bowels * have an orgasm

What do meerkats live in?

Meerkats live in dens.

Are meerkats endangerd?

No, meerkats are not an endangered species.

Where are meerkats found the most?

I like meerkats :)

How do meerkats sleep?

meerkats sleep in burows

Who is related to the meerkats?

mongooses are related to meerkats and i just wanted to say that Meerkats are the cutest ever

Why is a Meerkat called a Meerkat?

Meerkats are called Meerkats because they look like cats and they are called a type of meer. So that's why they call Meerkats, Meerkats.

Are meerkats endangered?

No, its conservation status is of least concern. No, meerkats are not an endangered species. No. Meerkats aren't endangered.

Do meerkats have teeth?

Yes, meerkats have sharp teeth.

What is the structural adaptation of meerkats?

wha is a meerkats structural?

How tall are meerkats?

meerkats are 9.75 to 11.75 inches

Are meerkats relly cats?

No, meerkats are a type of mongoose.

Do meerkats live in Savannah?

meerkats do live in the savannah

What do meerkats have to look out for?

meerkats look out for their enemys ,deers

What is the duration of The Meerkats?

The duration of The Meerkats is 1.38 hours.

Why do meerkats have fur?

meerkats have fur to protect them from the sun.

When do meerkats go to sleep?

Meerkats sleep when there tired..

Do meerkats hunt for food?

Meerkats do hunt for their food.

Are gerbils related to meerkats?

I don't think gerbils are related to meerkats. I know mongooses are related to meerkats if that helps.

Where do meerkats live in?

Meerkats live in deserts throughout Africa.

What is a meerkats young called?

Young meerkats are called pups.

How big are meerkats?

Meerkats are only about one foot tall.

Different types of meerkats?

There are 35 different types of meerkats

Where do meerkats get there water from?

Meerkats get enough water from the bugs they eat.

What prey do meerkats have?

Grubs, bugs and insects are meerkats' prey.