How do men who have been sexually abused feel when getting a DRE exam?

Well, because that's an uncomfortable precursor to touch in that area it will remind the individual of the experience. Most people men and women getting a rectal exam are tense and on guard because of the privacy of the issue. It is not uncommon to have stimulation because of the sensitivity in the area. Women who go to the GYN say they get aroused by the touch. Nothing demented or strange about it just natural feelings. Unfortunately, for any one abused sexually who had the innocence of healthy touch taken away from them by a tainted mind, they often feel dirty or bad about touch in any sexual area. Go to the local library for self help books to view in the privacy of your home or if you feel comfortable enough you can talk to a professional about your feelings or seek out meetings in or around your locale for support. I wish there was a way to make the negative feelings go away but unfortunately they never will, they only can be dealt with in a different manner. I actually wish there was a brain function that would kick in to an abusers head before the abuse actually happens to redirect the feelings but that is in my world of wishes. It breaks my heart whenever I hear of this vileness occurring and I hope any abused person can live the rest of their life with healthy love and happiness for that is what we all deserve. Good luck and Bless all