How do mirrors reflect light?


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When light shines onto an object viewed in a mirror, the rays are reflected into the eye. The rays come from a position behind the mirror. The image is the sane size as the object and the same distance from the mirror. In the image, left is right and right becomes left. The angle that the light gets pointed on to the mirror is the same as the angle that gets reflected of the mirror!


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Mirrors reflect whether there is anything to reflect at the minute. Beside light they can also reflect heat radiation.

No, mirrors reflect the light instead of absorbing it.

Yes. Mirrors reflect all wavelengths of visible light and possibly some infrared or ultraviolet.

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No - the only reflect light.

A prism refracts light, and a mirror reflects light.

Mirrors and polished metal can reflect light well. There might be some more examples though.

The light bulbs in flashlight are not powerful but the mirrors inside help reflect the light that is not directed in your direction

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Mirrors do not refract light. They reflect light. <><><><><> Well, not quite. Surface silvered mirrors truly only reflect light, but normal back silvered mirrors still have a transition boundary of glass at the front surface, so there will be some refraction, causing some distortion. This is why high performance mirrors, such as those in telescopes, are often front surface silvered.

Mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

Because they converge, diverge and reflect light.

Mirrors and other objects reflect light, though most objects absorb some wave lengths and reflect others and black absorbs all wavelengths and white reflects all wavelengths.

Because windows allow light to pass through them and mirrors reflect light.

YA Because a mirror is meant to reflect light.

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