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Not counting how they all move together as the object moves;

each molecule moves around its own location (often said to vibrate) at a speed that depends on the temperature of the object.

If the temp gets high enough, then the molecule(s) can break loose of the bonds that hold them in place ... either liquefying or evaporating.

At absolute zero they don't move, theoretically (for that temp has never been reached).

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Do molecules in solid move faster than molecules in gas?

Molecules in a solid move slower than the molecules in a liquid and a gas. Molecules in a gas move faster than the liquid and a solid.

How do solid molecules move?

The molecules in a solid move like a rapid vibration. They stay in place, but they are still in motion.

What state of matter has molecules that are vibrating?

It is the solid. The molecules in solid dont move much but they do move, just a bit.

How do the molecules of solid liquid and gas move?

how does molecules in a solid, liquid and gas compare

Do molicules move faster in a solid or in a liquid?

In liquid molecules move faster but in solid the molecules would vibrate about its mean position

What areas do molecules move to?

depends on what molecules you are talking about, for example; water molecules move to solid, cool surfaces.

How do the molecules of a solid differ from the molecules in a liquid?

the molecules in a solid are closer together which makes it solid and the molecules in a liquid

The properties of solid liquid and gases?

Solid molecules are rigid and has a shape. Liquid molecules are less rigid than solid and the molecules move. Gases have no shape and its molecules are free floating and move at rapid speeds against each other.

Do molecules of solid lump of sugar move?


What are the differences between a liquid and a solid?

in a liquid the molecules are spread out and can move around a lot and in a solid the molecules are together and can not move in a gas the moleules can move out more than a liquid

What do the particles of a liquid do that particles of a solid can't do?

they move more freely then molecules in a solid, but not as freely as molecules in a gas.

What happens to molecules when a solid changes to a liquid?

They spread out and move around more than molecules in a solid would.

How do molecules move in a solid state?

The molecules of a solid state are tightly packed together. Movement of molecules is restricted to vibrating in their equilibrium position.

Do molecules move slower in liquid than in solid?

Molecules actually move faster in liquid because they have more space between them to move about. That's why liquid can flow, and a solid cannot. =)

Can molecules of solids move from place to place?

No molecules of solids DO NOT move from place to place because in a solid, the molecules of that solid are so tightly packed together, that they can only vibrate in one place.

Do molecules move faster when a solid is heated?


How is a solid a solid?

a solid is a solid because the molecules that are in the object are closely compact with each other. they do not move but the do vibrate.

Do the molecules in gas move fast or slow?

Fast. they move slow in a solid

When a solid becomes a liquid that is called?

melting. Yep, it sure is melting. But also, when a solid becomes a liquid, it basically is heat being applied to the solid, and causing the molecules of the solid to move around, and when the molecules move around, it is not called a solid anymore, but called a liquid, because the molecules are not compact. :D -Dain

Why do molecules of solid move rapidly?

Its easy,,, because the molecules of the solid is close together, while the molecules of the gas are separated from each other..... I hope you understand this -_- ^__^

Do molecules move faster in a gas or a solid?

molecules move faster in a state of gas and they move so fast that they broke the gravity force and attractions of each other. Molecules in a state of solid just viberate. so gas would be faster.

Do Molecules change position in a solid?

Molecules vibrate in a solid but they do not move from one place to another. Although these vibrations are small yet they result in a change in the position of molecules. So, we can say that molecules change position in a solid.

Are molecules in a solid loosely packed together?

No, molecules or particles in a solid are tightly packed together so that they can not move they can only vibrate.

How do molecules move within a solid liquid and gas?

In a solid the molecules are tightly packed together all touching one another and vibrate; in a liquid the molecules are more loosely packed and more free to move around but they are still touching; in a gas the molecules are free to move where they please

How does molecules move in a solid?

they vibrate around fixed points