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with love

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Q: How do mothers take care of their children?
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Are mothers there to care for their children?

Most mothers take care of their children. However many fathers are excellent care givers and sometimes other family members help too.

Why do mothers get nice flowers?

Mothers deserve nice flowers because they take care of their children.

Why do mothers have children?

If the person is a mother, then she already has a child. The reason a mother would have more children is usually because she wants to have a certain amount of children, or if she is adopting, feels the need to take care of a child that the original parents couldn't take care of.

What did the son do to take good care of his mother moral lessons?

There are many things that sons and daughters can do to take care of their mothers. Good moral lessons from the mother, will help children understand the reasons and benefits needed to care for their mother.

Why do some mothers hate their child?

Some mothers are unable to love their children. Fortunately is is the minority. Others love their children but realize they are unable to care for their children and give them up.

What roles did mothers and dads have in the home in 1948?

In 1948, men went out of the house to work and women stayed home to take care of the children.

Do you need to have finished high school to homeschool your children?

Some Fathers and Mothers is very busy in our life in that condescension he/she never care our children. So he/she take want to study our children in home school.

What happens when giant pandas are born?

The mothers take care of them

What do you think was the social status of birth mothers or biological mothers in the community?

i think the birth mothers where there to take care of a biological mothers child to help out

How Maya people take care of their children?

how Maya people take care of their children

What were the chores of a Babylonian woman?

one role is that the girls have to take care of the children while the fathers are out working. (like most stay at home mothers)

Do jellyfish take care of their babies?

In nature, most animal mothers take care of their young. Jellyfish are not those type of mothers. When baby jellyfish hatch, they float out and live on their own.

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