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How do music producers do their job?

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January 18, 2010 8:08PM

i have a few friends that produce their own music. they have a lot of equipment that they use and produce beats and if they want, they can add lyrics. it all depends on what kind of music you are producing. a lot of my friends produce house, prog and trance beats that are darker and more techy sounding. you mainly have to have an imagination or an idea of what you want the song or track to sound like and play around with your equipment and mixers until you make what you want to hear.

A producer is universal musician... In the music industry, there are 3 types of producers.. There are simple producers who work only for the record label that hires them.. they make on average 70 to 100 thousand a year and they do whatever the label tells them to do.. When it comes to input and advice for the direction of the song, they have little to no say whatsoever. 2nd would be a independent producer.. these guys are normally hired for a specific job and have somewhat of a say of where the album or song is going to go.. these guys are hired through contracts with no promise of steady pay.. 3rd and last are complex producers.. you have more of a chance of winning the lotto or getting hit by lightening then running into or working with these people. They have complete creative control in any studio they walk into, they make ALOT of money and they play all instruments. These people are the real deal and record labels put up alot of money for these guys.. They are like ghosts, they come and go and they are extremely busy There is only one complex producer that i know of and his name is Quincey Jones. If you listen to thriller, just remember that Quincey Jones produced almost all of those songs by himself. So if you are thinking or concidering becoming a producer.. better start learning music and the instruments that come with it because it is an EXTREMELY competitive field.. If you love music for sake of loving music, just make it and enjoy it, share it with your friends and family..