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Q: How do mystery snails reproduce and how many offspring can they have at one time?
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You have had one mystery snail for a few months and you just found an egg sack how did one snail reproduce?

it must have mated with another snail at the hatchery or pet store. Mystery snails (Pomacea bridgesii),like many other speciese of aquatic snails, can hold the sperm from mating and fertilize the eggs that are still in the snail.

How many offspring do chlamydias produce?

Chlamydiae reproduce by binary fission, producing two offspring.

What different kinds of snails are there?

well..there are many different kinds of snails in the world, such as garden snails, edible snails, apple snails, great African snail, mystery snail and a lot more.:D

How many eggs do mystery snails lay?

often 200-600 of a good estimate.

How many offspring do Zebras reproduce?

Only one foal per year.

What happens when most many celled organisms reproduce?

the offspring is identical to one another

Bacteria are organisms that reproduce asexually how is this better or them than reproducing sexually?

Bacteria are organisms that reproduce asexually, and the benefits of this mode of reproduction include ability to reproduce without a mate partner, it is faster and results in many offspring, offspring are identical to the parent, and man others.

How many animals reproduce?

like most animals, bears produce offspring by sexual reproduction. However, some animals, such as hydra, can reproduce asexually.

What is meant by the term reproductive strategy?

Reproductive strategy refers to how a species goes about ensuring its offspring reach adulthood. Many animals, like cats or rabbits, have multiple offspring at once and reproduce often to ensure at least some of their children survive to reproduce.

What tipes of snails are there?

well i know their are 2 main snails land snails and water snails i know several diffrent kind of water snails but im not sure of land snails you will have to look up land snails or someone else should tell you but water snail i know theres a water snail called mystery snails apple snails contres shell shell snails and many more and i think the con whatever shell snail in speels diffrently then i spelled it

How many offspring does asexual reproduction produce?

There are many different species that reproduce asexually, and the rate of reproduction depends upon the species. When an amoeba undergoes binary fission, it produces just one offspring at a time.

How many offspring of the portuguese man o war reproduce at a time?

they can have 100 at a time so that when they die there's more of them

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