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How do mystery snails reproduce and how many offspring can they have at one time?

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Chlamydiae reproduce by binary fission, producing two offspring.

it must have mated with another snail at the hatchery or pet store. Mystery snails (Pomacea bridgesii),like many other speciese of aquatic snails, can hold the sperm from mating and fertilize the eggs that are still in the snail.

well..there are many different kinds of snails in the world, such as garden snails, edible snails, apple snails, great African snail, mystery snail and a lot more.:D

often 200-600 of a good estimate.

the offspring is identical to one another

like most animals, bears produce offspring by sexual reproduction. However, some animals, such as hydra, can reproduce asexually.

well i know their are 2 main snails land snails and water snails i know several diffrent kind of water snails but im not sure of land snails you will have to look up land snails or someone else should tell you but water snail i know theres a water snail called mystery snails apple snails contres shell shell snails and many more and i think the con whatever shell snail in speels diffrently then i spelled it

There are many different species that reproduce asexually, and the rate of reproduction depends upon the species. When an amoeba undergoes binary fission, it produces just one offspring at a time.

Large litters are typically found in species where only a small number of offspring live to adulthood. So by having many offspring an animal has a good chance of at least one of them surviving to reproduce.

they can have 100 at a time so that when they die there's more of them

They must be able to reproduce, however a large percentage of the offspring never reach sexual maturity and only a smaller percentage of those will reproduce in many cases.

As long as you put water conditioner in the water (to get rid of chlorine/chloramine, etc.), you can put in any mystery snail (ivory, black, blue, gold), apple snail (many times referred to as Inca snails), and assassin snails. These snails aren't the best algae cleaners, but will clean up a little bit of it. The assassin snails will eat other snails and dead fish, shrimp, etc. and are carnivores, so they won't clean any algae. The mystery and apple snails will eat decaying or dead plant material, but not live ones, and dead fish. Their biggest source of food is leftover fish food and fish waste. They also enjoy the occasional slice of zucchini, cucumber, spinach, or lettuce. The mystery and apple snails reproduce sexually, meaning that you need a male and female snail to make babies. They will lay eggs at the water line or in the hood of your aquarium. They will hatch in about 1-2 weeks. If you don't want hundreds of tiny snails, simply scrape the eggs out.

Yes. They can. They will create what are known as grolars, pizzlys, and many other titles. Their offspring can even reproduce with others of their own. This does not happen with cross-breeds, such as the mule.

How many nostrils do snails have

There are thousands of kinds of snails, but many are known as either garden snails or Roman snails.

African elephants have never been known to reproduce children. After they are initially produced by reproduction they cannot be produced again (elephants do not have sufficient knowledge of cloning).

No, the eggs are layed above water and when the baby snails hatch they fall in. from there many baby snails will go into the parents shell for protection. or sometimes on top of the shell. I dont think the parent snails even notice the little ones. often they will push them out of they way to get where they're going, but I've never seen one eat it's young. sources: I breed snails

There are over a hundred snails!

A snails heart has 2 chambers.

There are 79 snails in the world

apple snails are single sex snails Incorrect. Many snails are hermaphrodites but apple snails are not. They are indeed male and female apple snails. Go to for more information and how to sex them.

no snails do not mate for life. they can have many mates.

There are 40 species of snails in the United States

Many species of land or aquatic snails exist.

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