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Nose jobs don�t fix stuffy noses, but they are often performed in conjunction with other internal nasal procedures that help with blocked nasal passages and sinus trouble.

Many people experience blocked nasal passages and trouble breathing due to crooked septums and nasal tissue swelling. Since an outer nose defect may accompany septum issues (due to trauma to the nose) many doctors will combine nose jobs with a septoplasty or turinoplasty, which aligns the septum and reduces nasal swelling.

A septoplasty aligns the septum to the midline. A septum is a wall of cartilage that divides your nasal cavity into two nostrils. If your septum is �deviated� or sits off-center, you may experience less sinus drainage, which can cause chronic sinus infections. Candidates for septoplasty have these symptoms:

  • Blockage of one or both nostrils
  • Nasal congestion, sometimes one-sided
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Frequent sinus infections
  • At times, facial pain, headaches, postnasal drip
  • Noisy breathing during sleep (in infants and young children)

Source: The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

The procedure includes an incision through the nose, thus leaving no visible scars. A septoplasty is generally not recommended in young children or teenagers as their septums are still growing until the age of 18.

A turbinoplasty reduces turbinates, which is the tissue that causes swelling and nasal congestion. Candidates for turinoplasty have frequent nasal congestion and blockage that isn�t elevated by decongestants or steroid nasal sprays. A surgeon performs a turbinoplasty using laser instrumentation.

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Q: How do nose jobs help stuffy noses?
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