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How do nurses help doctors?

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nurses and doctors can help you because they went to school and got an education to help people.

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What do doctors and nurses do to help peopke to get better?

To help people get better, doctors and nurses apply their knowledge of medicine, together with their expression of empathy and the application of modern medical techniques.

Why do nurses always workwith the doctors?

Nurses work with doctors because the doctors are the ones in charge and tells the nurses what to do in most cases.

Why is it important to have nurses?

To take care of patients and help them with everyday problems and also to help the doctors.

What do registered nurses do?

they help the doctors, they check your blood pressure, they help deliver babies, and they help with any medications!

What is an electronic stethoscope?

It is used by doctors and nurses to check heartbeats. It determines the breathing and ways the heart beats so the doctors can help you if you have a problem and need help.

Do internal medicine doctors need nurses?

Yes all Medical Doctors need nurses. Nurses are there to protect the best interest of the doctor and the patient. The are also there to help reduce the work load of the Doctor, they prep patients and materials and assist in procedures.

Why doctors need nurses at work?

Doctors need nurses at work to assist them in the care for patients. Nurses help patients feel comfortable, in some cases they can prescribe medication and they check blood pressure, take temperatures and carry out blood tests.

Who is more knowble nurses or doctors?

There are nurses that are more knowledgeable than doctors and there are doctors who are more knowledgeable than nurses. That being said, doctors generally go through longer and more intensive training and are in a position to gain more experience than nurses.

Is cebu doctors hospital hiring nurses?

they are only hiring nurses that graduated in cebu doctors only...

What job description for nursing?

Nurses help to care for patients, which they normally do under the direction of doctors.

Do Doctors without Borders also offer travel programs for nurses too?

Doctors with Borders does offer travel programs for nurses as well. Many nurses do travel to various locations to work alongside the doctors.

Is a nurse a pediatrician?

no nurses and pediactrics are two TOTALLY different things. pediactrics are children doctors and nurses are assistant doctors

How do nurses and doctors use algebra?

Often times doctors and nurses will use algebra to calculate doses or titrations of solutions.

How are the nurse the same as doctor?

Nurses are the same as doctors because they both help people get cured and they both have medicine to help their ill or damaged patients. They both take really good care of their patients because it is their job to save people from dieing and giving them surgery of medical help. After all, they get payed for that. However, doctors are on a more higher level than nurses because doctors get to apply surgery on their patients, but nurses can only give medicine if needed or something like that. If you are in a school, you would notice that nurses in the school don't do surgery, they just give ice or let you call your parents. Well, because nurses can't handle that, that's why there are doctors. Honestly, if you think about it, they are both helping their patients but doctors are on a more higher level than nurses. Your very welcome whoever is reading what I wrote.

What are responsibility for nurses?

Nurses responsibilities are checking on the patients before they see the Doctors.

Why do doctors get paid more than nurses when it nurses who do all the work?


Who is a person who looks after sick people in hospital?

Doctors and Nurses.

How does one open a methadone clinic?

With $$ and nurses, doctors, counselors and enough ppl that need help getting of heroin.

Can Marine nurses have ranks?

The US Marines does not have doctors and nurses. The US Navy provides medical personnel to support the Marines. Yes, all doctors and nurses are officers in the Medical Corps.

Why doctors and nurses are called heroes?

Doctors: They perform life saving surgeries for people that are dying Nurses: They take care of the sick and injured

What are the ratings and certificates for Doctors and Nurses - 1981?

Doctors and Nurses - 1981 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G West Germany:6

Why does certified medical assistant exist?

Certified medical assistants are greatly needed for assisting nurses and doctors. They help facilitate patients, supplies for patients and small tasks requested by their superiors. Without them, the nurses and doctors would be more distracted from focusing on their work.

What is the monitor showing the nurses and doctors?


What jobs were created during the war for women?

the jobs were they had to be nurses or doctors to help the wound and a nother job is that they had to cook for the hungry

Is doctors and nurses the subject in a sentence?

The subject of a sentence is the person, place, thing, or idea so doctors and nurses would definitely be the subject of a sentence.