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If an object is moving, it can have balanced forces on it.

Firstly, an object with unbalanced forces is either changing direction, changing shape, or changing speed. Something with balanced forces has to be staying still, right? Wrong.

An object with balanced forces can be staying still, or staying the same speed without changing direction or shape. For example, a car has balanced friction/air resistance/drag to acceleration, and balanced gravity to lift (opposing force to gravity; solidness).

Therefore, an object can be moving with balanced forces.

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Can balanced forces change an objects motion?

No but it can move the direction of the object

What effect do balanced forces have on the motion of objects?

Balanced forces do not alter the motion of objects.

Do objects move when forces are balanced or unbalanced?

They can move under both circumstances. Balancing of forces only affects acceleration. An already moving object will continue moving if the forces against it are balanced.

What do balanced forces cause an object to do?

Balanced forces cause objects to stay at rest or to continue to move in the same direction at a constant velocity.

What will happen if forces that act on an object are not balanced?

Then the objects will move in the direction of the resultant force.

What do balanced forces do to objects?

If the forces are balanced, they cancel each other out, thus they do nothing.

What forces act on still objects?

The would be balanced forces.

When several forces act on an object and the object does not move can the forces be balanced?

If the object doesn't move, the forces HAVE TO be balanced. There is no other way.

Do objects move only when a force is exerted upon it?

wrong. Object only ACCELERATE when non-balanced forces are applied. Objects in motion will stay in motion even if no forces are applied.

How do balanced and unbalanced forces affect an objects motion?

The motion in a body depends on the the balanced or unbalanced forces acting on it. If the sum of the forces is 0 then it is a balanced force and produces no motion if the sum of the forces isn't 0 then it is unbalanced force. The body will move in the direction in which the force is applied. That's about it

What will knowing the net force on an objects tell you about the forces on the objects?

It will tell you if the forces are balanced or not. A net force of 0 newtons represents an object where all forces on it are perfectly balanced.

Compare how balanced and unbalanced forces affect an object at rest?

balanced forces don't move an object, but unbalanced forces on an object do move

Objects that do not accelerate?

All objects accelerate if the forces acting on them are not balanced.

What does Newton's firts law of motion state about objects on which forces are balanced?

Newton's First law says there will be no change in motion (no acceleration) for objects on which forces are balanced.

Definition for balanced and unbalanced forces?

Balanced forces are forces that are balanced, so the object won't move. O will represent this. The forces, ---------->O<----------, are the same, so the object won't move. For unbalanced forces, ---------->O<--------------------, The force on the right is stronger, so it will move to the left.

How does balanced forces act on a car?

The same way it acts on any other objects. If the forces are balanced, there will be no acceleration.

Do balanced forces change an objects direction?

No, if they're balanced then they cancel each other out.

How do balanced and unbalanced forces affect the motion of an object?

Objects move according to their net force, or the total amount of force acting on them. Balanced forces are just that, balanced. An object with balanced forces will not move because the opposing forces will cancel each other out. However, if there are unbalanced forces, the object will move in accordance with the force that is greater. When moving though, there is always friction. Whether you be underwater, on the ground, or in the air there is always friction on the Earth. (Besides vacuums, of course.) Force is equal to mass x acceleration. With that you can find the forces of the object if you know its mass and acceleration.

Do balanced forces change an objects speed shape or direction?

balanced force change shape of the objects it does not change direction speed

Is pushing a box but it doesnt move a balanced or unbalanced force?

If a thing just sits there and doesn't move, then all the forces on it are a balanced group of forces. If you're pushing on it and it's not starting to move, then there must be another force from somewhere that's canceling yours, because if it's not starting to move, then you know that the group of forces on it is a balanced group of forces. A group of forces can be a balanced or unbalanced group of forces. There's no such thing as one single balanced or unbalanced force.

What are forces that do not cancel out or change an objects motion?

Balanced forces do not change an object's motion.

How do forces move objects?

Forces move objects by using energy. When a person kicks a ball they are exerting energy on the ball, which makes it move.

What do balanced forces cause?

Balanced forces cause stationary objects to remain at rest and moving objects to come to rest. If on exact opposite direction - nothing. Else it will produce a resultant force.

Objects in motion are the result of forces?

Motion only happens when there are unbalanced forces. If they are balanced then there is no movement.

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