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The other planets' gravity affects Earth. Most importantly among these are the effects of Jupiter and Saturn, which deflect asteroids from hitting Earth.


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It makes the planets orbit it. Just like the Earth and the Moon.

No. Earth's magnetic field only affects earth, not other planets.

it can affect the time bec. when the planet is near the sun it will rotates very fast than the other far planets....

You know that no planets actually orbit the earth right? ...?

Nothing from another galaxy can affect Earth ever. Other galaxies are too far away.

The earth is similar to other planets because of itsshapecompositionmaterial

Since no one from Earth has visited another planet, and we have no indication that there is anyone on the other planets, Earth does not help other planets in any way. Why do you think there is something Earth does to help them- whoever them is.

Earth and the other planets are mostly made of rock.

yes, the earth and other planets revolve around the sun

The simple answer is "No". For a more in depth answer the question would need to be clarified. Is the question "Does Global warming on Earth affect the climate of Mars?" or "Do other planets also experience global warming?" To "does Global warming on Earth affect the climate of Mars?" the answer is a very simple No. As far as anyone is aware there is no way that our climate can affect the climate of Mars. The answer to "Do other planets also experience global warming?" on the other hand is almost certainly a yes due to the number of planets in the universe but the warming is unlikely to be due to the same reasons as Global warming on Earth.

how is earth different from the othetr inner planets

The other planets actually do have seasons.

earth is diffrent to all the other planets because there are humans and animails on earth there is no other planet with humans or animails on them people can visit the diffrent planets but it takes a long time to get to a planet from earth. also earth has mostly sea on it and grass its a mixture of bothh whats you opinon of earth is diffrent to the other planets

yes, there are other planets besides earth, and there are other planets in solar systems throughout the universe

Other planets do have clouds just like Earth. Clouds on other planets do not have water droplets, instead they are composed of sulfuric acid.

Studying the earth helps scientists to understand other planets since the earth is part of the solar system. Scientists use the features of the earth to compare them with what other planets hold.

No, other planets are rotating at other speeds.

No, the Earth and the other planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun.

Astronomers have found Earth-sized planets in other solar systems.

Earth is set apart from the other planets because the earth is the only planet known to support life.

no dwarf planets are smaller the Earth and the other planets.

There is currently no planets other that earth that we have discovered that we could live on.

By definition a characteristic shared with other planets CAN NOT make it different from other planets.

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