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They raise their young by putting the egg under the flaps of their skin in between their legs. The male penguin uaually take care of the egg until it is hatched. When a mothers egg is lost or stolen the male penguin steals another penguins egg from their nest. They do this so they don't really feel bad for losing their young.

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Q: How do penguins raise their young?
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Does the mother stay with her young and raise them emperor penguins?

the male and the female

Where do emperor penguins raise their young?

very far inland in the Antarctic

When do penguins mate?

penguins mate for life. they generally raise a small brood, and their parents cooperate in caring for there young

How do Galapagos penguins raise their young?

The galapagos penguin keeps their chicks in the nest for sixty days, then make them move out.

Penguin Responds to Stimuli?

Penguins are animals and extensively interact with their environment in order to find food, mate, and raise their young.

What is young penguins called?

Young penguins are called chicks or nestlings (most commonly chicks). A group of young penguins is called a crèche.

Where do penguins live in Antarctica?

No penguins 'live' in Antarctica.Penguins come to the Antarctic continent to breed, lay eggs and raise their young to survival age.Once their season is complete, the penguins return to the sea, where they live in the water and on ice floes.

How can you tell a penguin from male or female penguin?

Male penguins usually weigh more. They also raise their young unlike other specimen.

Do gorillas raise its young?

gorillas do raise their young

How do giraffe's raise their young?

how do giraffes raise there young

How do penguins protect their young?

Penguins protect their young by letting it into their pouch, in order to protect it from predators.

How do male penguins raise their babies?

by peeing on them

Do male penguins raise their chicks?

yes they do

How long do Emperor Penguins carry their young?

a. some penguins have a pouch and the young stay in there as they travel b. They are carried between the adult penguins' feet

How do flamingos raise their young?

they raise there young by portecting them from peditors

How do Sea Turtles raise their young?

they dont raise their young

What do old penguins do?

Young Penguins - given half a chance.

How do ostriches raise young?

Ostriches raise their young like human beings raise their children.

Do penguins give birth to live young?

No, penguins do not give birth to live young. They give birth to eggs.

Why do penguins have large beaks?

penguins have large beaks to feed there young..........

How do emperor penguins help their young?

hey guys i have no idea about penguins :)

How does a anaconda raise its young?

They do not raise them.

Howdoes a Chihuahua raise its young?

Chihuahuas don't raise their young in a certain specific way. They raise their young like every other dog does!

What do penguins need to survive?

Penguins need fish to eat, and a secluded place where they can raise baby penguins without being killed by predatory seals.

How are young penguins different from their parents?

young penguins are covered with fuzzy down feathers but when they grow they are going to be black and white