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Most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), which releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

So people contribute to global warming in many ways, like using transportation other than bikes and your feet, Air travel, Heating and cooling in your house, hot water, even a clothes dryer can contribute to global warming. Lighting, refrigeration, cooking, and waste also contribute to this major problem so if we all reduce our usage for these things we could get rid of global warming.

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Does a refrigerator contribute to global warming?

Yes it does contribute to global warming beacause of the coldness in it

How does Mexico contribute to global warming?

Mexico does contribute to global warming. It does release greenhouse gases.

Do toilets contribute to global warming?

Everything continues to global warming. You breathing, contributes to global warming. Me typing this response contributes to global warming. Toilets contribute to global warming because they are a manufactured product. Anything Manufactured requires energy and materials , all of which contribute in some way, even if minor to global warming.

Which myth do scientists think contributes to global warming the most?

A myth is an incorrect belief. No myths contribute to global warming.A myth is an incorrect belief. No myths contribute to global warming.

Does the depletion of the ozone layer contribute to the Global Warming?

Yes, the both contribute to each other. Global warming can cause ozone depletion and ozone can cause global warming.

Which continent does not contribute to global warming?

Antarctica makes hardly any contribution to global warming.

How do power stations contribute to global warming?

Power stations do contribute to global warming, as the more electricity we use the more global warming will develop to the earth. And gradual the earth will be destroyed because of us humans.

Does nuclear waste contribute to global warming?


Does over fishing contribute to global warming?

No, it does not.

What air pollutants combine and contribute to global warming?

Carbon dioxide, So2, Nox, Hydro carbons all these pollutants to contribute global warming

Does humidity contribute to global warming?

Humidity does contribute to global warming, because water vapor is also a greenhouse gas, just as carbon dioxide it.

Can animals contribute to global warming?

Yes, animals contribute to global warming. Cattle belch out methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. A large dog kept as a pet will eat a lot of meat. Meat eaters contribute more to global warming than vegetarians.

How does deforestation not contribute to global warming?

Ah, deforestation does contribute to global warming. Deforestation means removing all the forests, and that is what we have done. This is one of the reasons we have global warming. That and our burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

How do firework displays cause global warming?

They don't cause global warming, but they contribute in a small way towards it.

What can be dangerous to people who live hundreds of miles from an erupting volcano?

Volcanos contribute to global warming.

What are facts about hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity does not contribute to global warming.

How do rice paddies contribute to global warming?


Does water pollution contribute to global warming?

Water pollution will contribute to global warming in a significant way. The air that will rise from the water bodies will be polluted which will affect the atmosphere.

How do natural disasters contribute to global warming?

natural disasters such as volcanic activity and bushfires augment the effect of global warming.

How does air pollution contribute to global warming?

Air pollution can cause global warming. This in turn is responsible for ozone depletion.

How is littering a cause of global warming?

Littering is not a direct cause of Global Warming. Littering causes pollution on the Earth, which can contribute to Global Warming. Global Warming is directly caused by greenhouse gases retaining heat in the it contributes

Can Neptune get global warming?

Global warming is not natural, it is caused by people. Since there aren't people on Neptune, it cannot have global warming.

How does coal mining contribute to global warming?

The actual burning of the coal contributes more to global warming than the mining itself.

Does cow dung contribute to global warming?

Yes, somewhat.

How do flying aircraft contribute to global warming?

exhaust from plane