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How do people have broken hearts?


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January 29, 2013 6:30PM

When we love someone with all our being and they either reject us or leave eventually then the heart can feel as if it's been ripped right out of your body. Humans need love to exist no matter how much some may deny it.


Broken hearts are a typical human emotion and everyone will go through it at least once in their life. It is where a great love is lost and the person feels as if there heart is breaking physically. If a love one has passed away, the person could feel numb or like their " crying inside" another good expression would be having a " shattered heart" which is conveying the idea of broken glass as it is fragile just like the heart

Well you meet someone and you begin to really like them, tell them things that you ain't told no one before and then you like grows and grows and grows until they are all you think about everyday and every night and you don't want any one else don't stop talking bout them and then something or someone ruins your relationship by chatting stuff about you to him or her. Then he/she dumps you for no reason do not no what you have done. They ignore your calls texts and don't talk to you when see them and you feel so stupid and used. that when you get heartbroken


When you love someone, TRULEY love them with all of you and they 'love' you too and they go to another girl all of a sudden. You can't get over them and all you ever think about is them, how there smell is intoxicating, they're precious hugs and ow your eyes just light up when you see them. THAT is true love. Don't go down that road, I've been there before, make sure you have true friends to guide you when your at the bottom of nothingness. Love don't come easy, but it is worth it when you full fledgely LOVE someone(:<3 Words are weapons of mass destruction and I love yous are the bullets. Don't fire your weapon carelessly<3