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go to face book or virtual world

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What is the computer software that allows people to interact with a database?


How does the computer interact with other computer?

there are two way to interact with other computer 1.through LAN 2.WAN

How does software interact with computer?

The software is able to interact with the computer by being installed in a given operating system.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer networking?

The advantage of computer networking is people have the ability to interact with others with less restriction. The disadvantage is people are losing social skills.

What is a computer mean to you?

a computer is a thing to interact with other people and make new friends and achievements, also to attack other people, known as cyberbullying (not recommended)

What is the use of a computer mouse?

To interact with an computer interface.

How do the components of your computer system interact within the system?

Components of your computer interact in different ways. Your computer takes inputs and allows you to see the output on your computer screen.

How does the operating system provide a means for users to interact with the computer?

the operating system provides the means for users to interact with a computer

What type of program controls various computer parts and allows user to interact with computer?

The program used to interact with parts of the computer is called the 'Kernal' Progam.

How does a computer mouse interact with a computer?

either by wires or by usb

How do you use the word interact in a sentence?

You need to interact with them more.He was learning how to interact with the computer.

The advancement and introduction of what allowed users to interact with the computer more easily?

The advancement and introduction of what allowed users to interact with the computer more easily?

Who controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides means by which users can interact with the computer?

Software (programs) control the way a computer operates and also defines how the user can interact with the computer through input devices.

How do spiders interact with people?

spiders interact with humans by biting people.

How do people interact?

People interact by talking tl each other

How do people in Bolivia interact with the environment?

how people in bolivia interact with their enviroment

How are mountain people interact with other people?

The same way that other people interact with other people.

What is software that allows application software to interact with the computer?

System software is the platform that application software runs on top of in order to interact with the computer and other applications.

Which part of the computer with which you interact with the program?

operating system

How do you interact with a computer program?

You interact with a computer program using input and output devices. You put source data using input devices and get results on output devices.

List areas in daily life where you interact with computer?

list some areas in daily life where you interact with computers

How do people in Guam interact with the brown tree snake?

how do people interact with brown tree snakes?

How can you use interact in a sentence?

"Do not interact with the computer now that it has a virus. You might drive the virus further into the system."If you are naturally shy, it can be hard to interact with strangers every day.

What allows users to interact with the computer more easily?


How does the CPU interact with the motherboard in a computer?

through operating system.....