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ok so take a techdeck wheel and get some paper and roll the paper i to the size and fill it with silicone or uruthene and let it dry take it out if the roll and cut thr pieces that you want drill a hole half way trough and drill another hole the size of a axel and tada! complete.

EDIT: the drill bit size of the axle is "1/16 inch" and the drill bit for the hole half way through is probobly "1 size BIGGER" than "1/8 inch"

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What websites sell rubber fingerboard wheels?

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How can you get your fingerboard wheels to roll better and not get all square?

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More information is needed as to the purpose of the holes, and what a 'fingerboard' is .

How do you make fingerboard wheels?

Get some paper wrap it around the wheel take the paper off tape it closed then fill it with urathane then drill the small hole and the big hole and ur done

What is the difference between a Tech Deck and a fingerboard?

Tech Deck is a brand of a fingerboard. Fingerboard is a name of games.

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From what material can you make fingerboard wheels?

u can make it from urethane or clay from like PLAY-DOH(you got to let it dry in the sun for a while) which actually works really good! You can also use wood from like a dowl. The clay idea and the wood idea are all retro but work good for fingerboarding.

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