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How do people make money in togo?


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It can't be easy in a country where a third of the citizens live below the

poverty line and more than half of the population survive on subsistence

agriculture. This is a country that imports such basics as electricity, petrol

and food. Exports are things like phosphate, coffee, cocoa and cotton, all

items that the population can do without. This is a country the size of West Virginia that can not exist without external financial assistance. It

may be a country destined to fail.


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the Togo money is called West African CFA franc.

The money or currency of Togo is CFA franc. Officially, Togo is called Togolese Republic. The motto of the country is Work, Liberty, Homeland.

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togo is a place in west africa. there are lot of people that are very poor. my dad akounda is from togo.the beaches are nice but they have trash people dudu in the water,its real nasty so if u want to be a helper please please go to togo and lend some money thank u.

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Yes, there are many people that are famous in Togo. The most famous person in Togo is named Bella Bellow, she was a singer and songwriter who dominated the music scene in Togo for twenty years until death in 1973.

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People in Togo speak French because France colonized it, along with much more of West Africa.

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Some indigenous beliefs in Togo include voodoo. The people in Togo believe in Hibisou, the spirit of storms, and Dan, the serpent spirit.

I have no idea but i know there are about 6 million people living in Togo if that helps at all. (2010)

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The men in Togo hunt and do hard labor.The women take care of the children and cook.

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