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the brain tells it to and then the sound comes out through a voice box.. im not entirely sure how thoughh..

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Does lightning make a sound?

lighning does make a sound but most people refer to it as thunder

Why do people make sound?

This is a philosophical question. The easy answer is for communication. But other animals also make sound and at what point in time did people start making sound? Maybe then we can answer "why."

Why do people believe in myth?

If you make sound rel people will believe it.

How can people tell that people are singing out there nose?

They make a snorting sound

If a tree falls on people in the woods does it really make a sound?

It will make a sound. Nobody has to be present to prove that it will make a sound. A tree cannot split it's bark, crash onto other twigs bushes (and people) without making any sound. It is not scientifically possible.

When a tree falls down in the woods and nobody is there does it make a sound?

It does make a sound because the act of making a sound has nothing to do with the people around it because a sound wave would still move through the air. Regardless of who is present, it will make a sound.

What sound do ocean waves make?

Ocean waves have a distinct sound that soothes a lot of people and can help people sleep. They make a sort of whooshing sound and almost sounds like the wind mixed with water.

What sound does frying fat make in the pan?

Some people have described it as a snap and popping sound.

Do hearing aids help people hear a greater range of pitch or just make the sound louder?

no they do not help people hear a greater range they just make the sound louder

Do cats not like it when people make a hissing sound?

Cats do not like this, because, to them it's a threatening sound.

What sound does a cat make need to hear to survive protect itself?

A cat will make a hissing sound when it feels that it is in any form of danger. This sound is made to warn other animals or people off.

Why do turtles make a noise?

Why do you make a sound? Why do you make a sound?

What sound do longhorn beetles make?

they make farting noises with their heads. People often hear them in the bathroom.

Whats lalala mean?

It means nothing. It is a sound people make when trying to imitate the people singing! It is also baby talk or someone trying to imitate baby talk, and also a sound people make when they try to block out what others have to say.

How is a record recorded?

people come and sing and the people who recored it they make it sound good tha bam

Why are scientific names in Latin or Greek?

To make people sound smart and intelligent.

What sound does the grasshopper make?

Grasshoppers make a hopping sound like when they hop.otherwise they dont make a sound

What sound does a fisher make?

what sound does a fisher make?

What sound do iguanas make?

they make a hissing sound

What sound do abalones make?

They don't make a sound.

What sound does Indian parrot make?

The sound that is made by the Indian parrot is called a "squawk". The Indian parrots can be trained to speak to people.

How do you say butt?

make a 'b' soundmake an oval shape with your mouth and make an "uh" sound.make a 't' sound

What do bagpipes do?

people love them or hate them they make high and low pitch tones people have a arm on the bag while pushing and breathing to make sound

What sound do squirrels make?

Squirrels make a chattering sound or the sound you make by knocking your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

What sound do moles make?

Moles don't really make sound but they might make kinda a little sound.