How do people make sound?

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the brain tells it to and then the sound comes out through a voice box.. im not entirely sure how thoughh..
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How do you make a gunshot sound with sound effects?

Take two boards, 1" by 3", about 2 feet long and holding themforming a "V" at the bottom, and quickly slap the tops together. I found that throwing a coconut at a wooden fence sounded best. If you have a microphone and amplifier, blowing puffs of airdirectly into the microphone can make sounds that ( Full Answer )

What are the sounds that a horse makes and why do they make those sounds?

A horse can whinny, scream, nicker, and even low growl. When a horse nickers it can mean that it likes something, or when it's feeding time, they nicker to their feeders. When it screams it can mean a warning, an urgent call, or (GET AWAY!!!). When a horse whinnies, it may be trying to find somethin ( Full Answer )

How do you make sound?

Sound is a compression wave in the air, made by effectively hitting the air sharply, or making it vibrate as in an organ pipe

Does people have a short e sound?

No. The first E has a long E sound, the O is unpronounced, and thesecond E is silent. It rhymes with "steeple."

How do people hear sound?

The humans hear sounds using their ears. When sound waves enter theear they go through a process making the sound waves translatedfrom vibrations to meaningful explanations and of course theprocess requires the help of the brain to translate every sound wehear.

What makes a tuba make a sound?

You blow into it with a large "raspberry" type fassion, tightening your lips to get a higher pitch.

What makes sound?

Sound is mechanical energy, and anything that exhibits movement canmake sound. But the sound has to have something to travel in. A gasor a liquid or a solid is a medium, and the sound will travel inthem (or will be conducted through them). But something must moveto supply that mechanical energy that ( Full Answer )

The think that makes a sound is called the what of sound?

I think they called is sound cause god wanted it to be sound not anything else that's all why does it matter about why they named it sound? It's dumb to see the question isn't please like if you agree! P.S. I see you :-) !!!!!!

How do people and animals make sounds?

Your vocal chords vibrate together in your throat, and it creates sound. Actually, if you talk and gently touch your throat, you can feel it.

What makes a sound a sound?

Sound is vibration of (mostly air) molecules. Humans hear sounds from about 20 Hz (=20 vibrations per second, deepest bass) to about 20.000 Hz (20.000 vibrations per sec., very high sizzling) The vibration is tranmitted from the air to your ear and your brain interprets it as a sound. So actually YO ( Full Answer )

Can people hear all sounds?

No. There is a frequency range in which people can hear. Very high frequency or low frequency sounds are inaudible to us, but can be heard by some other creatures, like dogs for example.

How do people use sound waves?

People use sound waves in ultrasound scans when women are pregnant. You can hear the noises the baby is making and the sound is through sound waves

How can people hear sounds?

Sound waves hit the eardrum and cause it to vibrate, those vibrations travel through the inner ear through a series of small bones and nerve endings that send those signals to the brain.

What is the name of the people who make sound effects for movies?

Many companies call them different things.. Sound effects specialist - This person makes special effects sounds for movies. . Sound effects editor. . Sound effects technician. . Foley artist - This person makes everyday sounds and not special effects

Can people absorb sound?

yes people absorb sound. anything actually, except for a vacuum, which sound vibrations cannot travel through.

What makes the flute to make a sound?

When you blow across the embouchure hole, the air that goes inside the flute vibrates. When you open a hole, the air is released from being trapped in the flute and goes out of that way. the air that vibrates is sometimes called the air-spring, and the shorter it is,the higher it is.

Why do people make sound?

This is a philosophical question. The easy answer is for communication. But other animals also make sound and at what point in time did people start making sound? Maybe then we can answer "why."

What sounds does the water sound make?

Some of the following sounds are made by water in various situations: splash, drip, gurgle, babble, quack, hiss, and bubble.

Why do people suger coat everything and make it sound all right?

Obviously because everything is sugar coated you cannot be told the truth. Everything will be alright, the adults will look after things. Answer: While pussy-footing and sugar coating is endemic in our society, not everyone sugar coats everything. Eventually responsible adults get into a situ ( Full Answer )

What sound does a table sound make?

Tables don't make sounds because they are nonliving creatures. And yet, many non-living things make sounds. If a table creaks, doesn't that qualify?

Does sound affect people?

It can effect there hearing but not physical to much sound and your hears may stop working! I spelled this wrong physical

How do you make a waterfall sound with no sound effects?

Very difficult indeed. The easiest way would be to record a faucet running on high. Don't know of any software that creates the sound of water ... so the best would be to simply download some good waterfall sound effects and import into your project.

How people hear sounds?

I have no idea who answered this question I don't know who would search for it. But I'll tell the answer anyways even though everybody knows is by their ear.

Why do donkeys make the sound that they make?

This is just their way of communicating within the herd, to predators, and to humans as well. Animals talk, just as humans do it simply is in a different way. Donkeys are used for protection for herd of sheep and goats, when the donkey senses that a predator is near, it will bray. Their bray has a v ( Full Answer )

How do people make sound when they talk?

Sound is produced by air expelled from the lungs causing the vocal chords to vibrate. The vocal chords can be voluntarily tightened and loosened, changing the pitch of the sound. The sound is further modified by movements of the tongue, lips, and the interior shape of the mouth. But still you ( Full Answer )

Which sound makes people happy?

due to recent studies sounds of grey whales make people unexplainably happy. it sounds crazy but its true! i tried it on my mother and after she heard the sound she was like a kid in a candy store! try it yourself!

Do atoms make sounds and do they respond to sounds?

Individual atoms are about one angstrom in size. Sound waves -- the vibrations of matter that we can hear -- must have wavelengths of at least (about) .005 meters, or 5,000,000,000 angstroms. Now a COLLECTION of atoms -- in any state of matter -- can indeed cause and propogate sound waves, and ind ( Full Answer )

Do people make a grugling sound before they die?

Often referred to as a "death rattle," this will not be exhibited by everyone who dies. Death rattles, or the gurgling, comes from air moving through the throat, sometimes as a person is dying, as well as after.

Does the sound Bang make a gun sound?

It can. However, it is also used for small explosions and reports. Other words used for shots are pow, blam, kapow, and kablam.

How sound helped people?

Sound can help people because they are aware of there surroundings. Without sound everybody would be clueless and would not know what is going on.

Why do koalas make the sounds they make?

During mating season, koalas become very territorial. This is whenthey make an unusual growling or grunting sound, quite loud forsuch a small animal. They are also known to make loud bellows,snore-like grunts, snorts and wails. Thehe es sounds are particularly loud for such a small animal.Researche ( Full Answer )

Does sound make vibration or does vibration make sound?

Vibrations cause sounds. A sound wave is the vibration of the air around whatever is "causing" the sound (aka, whatever is causing the vibration--a guitar string, vocal cords, the mechanics of a stereo, etc).

Can you make up a great story to make it sound great such as if some of the people lesbains bisexual or gay?

This is from a book Im making and it involves homosexuality and I am a young gay teen figuring it out well here it is: the 3 rugged soldiers had only hours to sleep and so Vladmir logical and wise said"Adam check on Dante he hasn't reacted well to something keep watch of the corpral will you?". Adam ( Full Answer )

What mammal makes sounds people cant hear?

Bats. They are blind and use echolocation to navigate when they are flying. They emit high pitched sounds humans ears are unable to hear. The sound frequency in a human voice is too low pitched for them to hear.

What's with the sound people make when they cry?

Sound of cry indicates the emotion of a people. Happy sound, sound of sorrow, boggy sound, condolence sound of cry, hassle sound, fear sound,singing sound, and orgasm sound etc. sound play a great role in human life. Most interesting thing is that when we listen a sound, it touch the screen of our e ( Full Answer )

Does people have a long e sound?

Yes, The EO pair, which is rare, has the long E sound. The final Eis heard as a schwa L (pee-puhl).