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How do people worship or pray to the devil?

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Be careful what you wish for. Remember, the devil sucks you in, makes you think you've got it all and does a 90 degree turn and spits you out (not in tact I might add.) If you don't believe me then look around and see where some famous people are today or even some of your own friends. If you don't have a proper belief system which is for the good of man and decide to join Devil Worshiping don't say you weren't warned. What goes around comes around!

(down below is better then up above)

well you do really bad things to worship him and you just pray to him like you would "god"


You need to remember that the Devil is part of the Satanists and goth religion, and not part of any other religion. No other religion believes in the Devil. That includes, but isn't limited to: Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Muslim, Hinduism, Satanism.

That said, you pray to the Christian Devil like you would pray to the Christian God.

God will always protect you and be by your side

Another Answer by a goth

Not all goths worship the devil. Some do but not all of them. Like some of them i am an Athiest which means i don't believe in both god or the devil. Honeslty i don't think that being goth is its own religion. I think its just a choice made by individuals to express themselves. But it is true some goths do worship Satan and that is completley their choice. But people who think all goths worship the devil are jus plain ignorant. that's just a stupid stareiotype because we're different.

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Anton Le Vay started the Church of Satan. Despite its name they do not "worship the devil".

A lot of Christians like to claim that anyone who is not a member of THEIR specific church or sect of Christianity are deluded and thereby "worship the devil". Anything they disagree with is the "work of the Devil".

The separation of evil into a single person was proposed by Zoroaster (Zarathustra). Jeremiah and Isaiah were contemporary authors of books of the Old Testament (i.e. "prophets"). They liked the idea which led to the personification of the "Devil" in The Bible.

The Roman Catholic Church used the accusation of "devil worship" during the Inquisition to justify torture and murder of people. More people died from "civilian" courts trying to please the Catholic Church than the Church itself caused. About 400,000 died. 1/4 were male. Many Wiccans and other neo-pagans like to believe the toll was 9,000,000. This is a gross exaggeration.

Contrary to the beliefs of many Druids, Wiccans and other "Nature Religions" do NOT worship the Devil. The Devil is a Judeo-Christian construct stolen from Zoroastrianism.

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