How do plants grow without sunlight?

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Growing plants without sunlight is possible using "grow lights" to replace sunlight.

Regular incandescent lighting is the least efficient and least effective for plant growth. Fluorescent lights and H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) are better but the specially made "grow lights" are the best.

Most hydroponic gardens are grown inside a building, basement or warehouse using artificial light. Although this type of gardening requires more work and expense at the beginning to obtain the special lighting equipment, the benefits of an indoor garden can eventually overcome the potential downsides.
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How does sunlight help plants grow?

\n. Sunlight helps plants grow through the process of photosynthesis. the leaves on the plants absorbs the nutrients and turn them into energy.

How much sunlight does a plant need to grow?

Indoor plants normally require a minimum of 600 Lux (unit of light intensity) to grow, below this growth is extremely poor, plants are stressed and normally die

Can plants survive without sunlight?

Some houseplants will survive perfectly fine, with just fluorescent lighting. Pothos is one of them, I know for sure.

Why does plant die without sunlight?

Plants need carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose which can be used for energy. But they cannot use these molecules on their own. They need sunlight to split the water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is transported to ultimately reduce carbon dioxide to glucose in what i ( Full Answer )

How does plant grow with sunlight?

The sunlight is needed for photosynthesis. The plant takes in carbon dioxide and water, and the sunlight causes a reaction where sugar is made. The plant does not need the oxygen, so it "breathes" it out. The sugar is used by the plant as food.

Does the bean seed grow without sunlight?

Not to Sprout, But Needs Sunlight to Grow . Yes, a bean can sprout without sunlight although its leaves will be completely white. Once it is sprouted, it needs sunlight to grow into a healthy plant.

Can plants grow without sunlight?

I think plants cannot grow without sunlight? But now there is a way to grow plants without sunlight. Visit Global Water Bonsai Enterprises on Facebook

Do plants grow without sunlight?

Most plants can not like without sunligth because most plants rely mostly on photosynthesis to create energy, but there are exceptions, such as Indian pipe, which is pigmentless and parasitic.

What is in the sunlight that makes plants grow?

the Sun gives off radiation with can carry healthy nutrients to plants (the equivalent to food). The leaves on the plants absorb the nutrients and turn them into energy. The plants use this energy to grow. This is also calle Photosynthesis. The nutrients are also what turns the plants green.

How can a seed grow without sunlight?

It uses the energy of the starch and sugar that is stored in the seed to create the first bits of growth that get it to the sunlight. It is that starch and sugar that is the reason we use seeds such as wheat, oat, barley, beans, etc., as energy sources for ourselves.

Will plants grow without sunlight?

i dont kno bout that but they do need sunlight to grow and they also follow the light in wat ever diricion the sun is faceing!! . nooooooo they can not grow with out sunlight!!!

How do plants survive without sunlight?

A plant cannot survive without sunlight or a source of sunlight.Fluorescent lighting can take the place of sunlight for a plant ifsunlight is not possible.

Can a plant live without sunlight?

Yes, if there is another UV radiation source. Plants grow by reacting water with carbon dioxide (from the air). This reaction is called photosynthesis and can only occur when energy is applied in the form of ultraviolet radiation. An organism that does not require UV radiation for growth is no ( Full Answer )

Can mushrooms grow without sunlight?

Yes, mushrooms can technically grow without sunlight. They obtainall of their nutrients from the soil but they tend to use ambientlight to produce vitamin D.

Can plants grow with out sunlight?

Yes, but they will not be as green. Also, plants will naturally grow faster without sunlight in the hope that they will be tall enough to reach sunlight.

Why cant plants grow without sunlight?

The sunlight acts as a catalyst for the process of photosynthesis to take place. So no sunlight means that the plant can't "bake it's food ingredients into a proper meal" that it needs to live.

Do plants grow taller by sunlight or lamp?

That would depend on three things: . The amount of the Sun's radiation the plant is exposed to given your latitude, weather conditions and time of year - as well as the temperature. . The type of plant you use to test - different plants respond differently to different light frequencies. . The t ( Full Answer )

Why do plants grow towards sunlight?

We know that green plants make their food by the process of photosynthesis. The leaves of the green plants contain a green pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll converts water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen and sugar. Oxygen is then released into the air and sugar is t ( Full Answer )

Can bean grow without sunlight?

No it is not possible for a bean to grow without sunlight because sunlight ,water ,temperature changes are essential for the weathering of the protective outer layer of the bean and then the sapling comes out of the seed an grows into a plant .

Do plants grow better in direct sunlight?

yes because they use the sunlight to create photosynthesis which is where their leaves take in sunlight for the key nutrients they need

Can a seed grow into a plant without sunlight?

Seed can germinate with very less sunlight and by absorbing nutrients from the soil. However, sunlight is very important if a seed has to grow into a plant. Without sunlight there is no life.

How will a plant die without sunlight?

most likely.plant can and can't die it depend on how long they don't have sunlight for instant if they were to die then at night all the plants would have died right? But when there isn't enough light plant start respiration this is when they take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

Do you need sunlight for a plant to grow?

not necessarily The plant needs water to survive but it does grow. the grass in darkness( if you are doing grass,) is going to be longer than the one that grows in the sunlight. . . . but not going to be as healthy. it's going to be a light shade of green.

What plants grow better in direct sunlight?

The amount of solar radiation is highly variable depending on altitude and geographical location. You will need to provide the above information with your question since direct sunlight is not same everywhere. http://i31.tinypic.comiw5frn.jpg

Can plants germinate without sunlight?

Yes. Tried this experiment and the plants in the dark germinate and grew faster than the plants in the sunlight. But, if you leave it in the dark for too long, its leaves would turn yellow from the lack of chlorophyll and the plants would eventually die. (I tried with green bean plants, so not sure ( Full Answer )

Which plant can grow faster plant in sunlight without water or plant in water without sunlight?

A plant provided with water but without sunlight will die because the sunlight is required by the plant to make its food through photosynthesis. A plant provided with sunlight but without water will die because water is needed to keep the plant alive. However, assuming two plants have been growing ( Full Answer )

Why do plants die without sunlight?

They die without sunlight because they cannot undergo photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is how they make their "food". Without the light they will practically "starve" themselves to death.

Do all plants need sunlight to grow?

YES. because if a flower does not have the vitams it needs from the sun it will not grow properly and will die without its protein :)

Which vegetable grows without sunlight?

Well the plants themselves cannot grow without sunlight, but a number of vegetables are produced in an environment that has no light; these are mainly ones that grow in the soil such as potato's, carrots, onions etc.

Do plants grow without soil or sunlight?

No because they need; . M movement . R reproduction . s sensitivity . G growth . r respiration . e excretion (pooing) . n nutrioin to live! what you need to know is the photosynthesis equation which is; CO2 + H2O ----> O2 + C2H12O6(GLUCOSE) and on the arrow there should be light in ( Full Answer )

Does potato grow without sunlight and water?

It is NOT true that all plants/fruits need sunlight to grow. Base on my second year experimentation.. i put a sliced potato (the other half is inside the cabinet , the other one is near the window where it can get sunlight) with a 5ml water in the tissue.. i put there the sliced potato then waited f ( Full Answer )

Why does a plant grow taller without sunlight?

In total darkness, no plant (aside from fungi) will grow at all. But with the tiniest amount of light, the plant will grow toward that light source. If the light source is dim, the plant may grow to extraordinary heights trying to reach the light. As an example, some utility companies reserve land t ( Full Answer )

Can An Plant Grow With No Sunlight?

Plants rely on the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis which provides the plants energy. Plants (or anything that uses chloroplast organelles an an energy source) cannot grow without sunlight. But if you mean something like Mushrooms, they are not plants. They are Fungus and they like shaded ( Full Answer )

Can a bean plant grow without sunlight but with fertilizer and water?

Plants can grow without sunlight - if they're provided withartificial 'food' and other nutrients. HOWEVER - they won't grow asmuch as one that's been exposed to sunlight. Try it yourself with tomato seeds. Place them in separate pots -but cover one with something to block out the sunlight. Water th ( Full Answer )