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Nitrate is both an organic & inorganic compound that can be created by decomposers (bacteria) and ester. Since plants grow out of soil, the soil layers contains nitrate bacterias that oxidizes ammonia as well as mix compounds of nitrogen and oxygen allowing plants to receive these materials from plant roots.

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How do plants use Nitrates?

by using nitrates in plants ,when lightning nitrates used by plants

Why do plants get nitrates from the soil?

Nitrates are like food for plants, so they get nitrates from the soil to grow. Fertilizer for gardens and crops usually contain nitrates for this reason.

Why plants need Nitrates?

Plants need nitrates (e.g.potassium nitrate) to enable growth

Where do plant obtain nitrates from?


How are nitrates accessible to plants?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria make nitrates available for plants to use.

How nitrates helps plants?

Nitrates are absorbed by plants in ion form and its nitrogen is used in protein synthesis

How do plants get the nitrates and minerals they need?

- absorbing nitrates from soil by the roots- for some plants fixing nitrogen with the help of bacteria

How do plants obtain nitrates from the soil?

The plant's roots sucks up the nitrate along with some water. The nitrate travels through the stem and into the leaves.

What do nitrates do in plants?

They stimulate growth

What use are nitrates in plants?

for growth

What is a plant's role in the nitrogen cycle?

Plants consume nitrogen in the form of Nitrates. Nitrogen gets converted into nitrates by the denitrifying bacteria. These plants absorb nitrogen in the form of nitrates through the groundwater.

What does rhizobium do to plants?

Forms root nodules and provides nitrates to plants .

Are Nitrates mineral salts in plants?


Plants use nitrates to form?


What happens to plants if nitrate is missing?

If nitrates are missing in plants, they will die. They need the nitrogen in the nitrates to make proteins, DNA, RNA, ADP, and ATP.

Why is having too many nitrates and nitrates in the soil is so bad?

Nitrates are a fertilizer, so when nitrates hit a pond or stream, the plants there could overtake and drain all the oxygen out of all the plants, so the plants will die. The animals living there are also affected, because for example, fish in the water could die if a water hyacinth gets nitrates because the fish in the water will not get any sunlight.

What do plants make using the nitrates?


What are the signs of deficiency in plants with nitrates?

If a plant doesn't have enough nitrates it will be stunted and have yellow, older looking leaves

What form of nitrogen is most usable to plants?


Where do plants get nitrates from?

Particularly from the humus, contained in the soil

What do plants need nitrogen for?

Nitrogen available to plants as Nitrates supplies the wherewithall for plants to produce foliage.

Which are useful mineral nutrients for plants?

The useful mineral nutrients for plants is NITRATES and PHOSPHATES.

What organism is responsible for converting nitrogen into nitrates?

Bacteria is the the most responsible organism that converts nitrogen into nitrates. Which plants can then use.

Are plants capable of making protein directly from nitrates?

Yes they are

Is nitrate reduction beneficial or harmful to farmers?

What kind of farmers? Plant farmers? Harmful. Plants need nitrates to live. If nitrates are reduced to NO or N2, there is less available NO3 for the plants.