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Pond snails are a type of gastropod (literally, "stomach foot"). They use their prominent tentacles located on their heads to detect smells in their surroundings.

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How do land snails and pond snails differ and why?

apperently pond snails dont tend to live with other pond snails and land ones do? I dont know why.

Are garden snails and pond snails the same?

Pond snails are aquatic freshwater snails whereas garden snails are terrestrial. They are both different species.

Will snails over populate pond i am thinking about puting trapdoor snails in my pond Am i going to get an overabundance of them?

Yes, snails will overpopulate a pond if you let them. It will take a while, but they might. You can bye fish that eat snails, if you want them.

Can snails smell scents?

Yes, snails have a sense of smell.

How do land snails and pond snail differ?

because land snails normally stay on land and pond snails stay in the water

What is the difference between land snails and pond snails?

Snails that live in the pond don't really interact with other snails,but snails that live on land live with each other very well

What do snails smell with?

what does it smell with

Do pond snails have legs?


Where do pond snails live in the winter?

They live in the pond still

Why are snails important to your pond?

They eat the algae all around the pond.

Where do pond snails live?

in ponds.DOI?!!

What eats snails in a pond?


Are pond snails decomposers?

Yes they are :)

What do snails need in a pond?


Get rid of snails?

If it's pond snails, nothing short of tearing down your entire setup, fully washing it, and getting all new filtration will totally eradicate pond snails

What is the pond snails habitat?

mostly ponds

What can you put in a pond for algae with goldfish?


Where can you get water snails?

in a petstore, or in a lake or pond.

Does a pond frog eat snails?

no it doesn't

Can snails smell?

yes they can

How do pond snails adapt to their habitat?

i sont know

Where can you get snails that live underwater?


Can you have snails in a koi pond?

You can, but the koi may eat them.

What do pond snails eat in there natrel habitat?


What kind of habitat do pond snails need?


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