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popular fads change when people are actually daring enough to express themselves fully, and try new ways to wear designs and styles. when other people around them like what they see, more people are encouraged to try the same thing. this is not only how fashion changes, but also how it comes to be. maybe you could try it

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Q: How do popular fads change and come to be?
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Are teenagers likely to to have fads?

Of course! Where do you think all the fads come from?

Why do fads activity become so popular?

Because they are so popular

Who are the 2 most popular celebs on the planet?

The most popular celebrity will change over time as fashions and fads change. Many would say present TV, move and pop stars.

What were popular fads in the 1950s for teenagers?

rock and roll

What were popular fads and fashions in 1998?

my but crack, that's what!

Why are food fads called food fads?

because it is only popular for a short time like how they put sea salt on all desserts

What style or styles most popular at a given time is called?


What is fashions that are popular for a short time?

Fashion trends that are popular for a short amount of time are called fads. Fads tend to pick up popularity quickly, but also tend to end just as fast.

What is meant by the term fads?

trends or passing phases, popular for a short time

Charles Lindbergh dance?

Typical of fads of the twenties the (Lindy Hop) was a popular Dance that was named in (honor) of the airman who had nothing to do with it. It was one of those fads, at any rate it was popular well into the thirties. There was, one might add, a rival ( Earhart Hop) named after Amelia that failed to catch the popular fancy.

How fads become fads?

When alot of people do, or wear specific things, then those things become fads.

Is zebra print popular?

yes, for now it is... but i wouldn't buy alot of it. because its just one of those fads that come and go. but NEVER buy real zebra fur. that's just mean

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