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Q: How do put on the binoculars on mission 9?
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How do you put on the binoculars in Club Penguin mission 9?

You don't actually put them on, you just drag them over to where you need them and click. I did that mission also

What do you do after you make it across pond in mission 9 at club penguin?

You get your spy phone, put it in the binoculars, and put them in a tree!!

How do you get the carma in the club penguin mission 9?

u get the binoculars in a tree

On club penguin mission 9 how do you put the spy phone on the Binoculars together?

you drag it down in your Inventory and combined it with the phone not yours but Herberts!

In club penguin what do you do after you combine the binoculars with the spy phone in the mission?

you put it in a tree

In club penguin mission 9 where is the camera?

Combine a spyphone with the binoculars 3000

How do you look through the binoculars on club penguin mission 9?

Just click on the Right arrow til you see the ice... Then just click on the binoculars.. :D

Do you need anything to put the camera in the tree on the club penguin mission?

Attach the Binoculars 3000 to the spy phone.

In club penguin mission 3 where do you get the binoculars?

it is by the town

How do you make the makeshift camera mission 9 club penguin?

u pick up the binoculars in HQ and look over the ice at the back of the ski lodge and then go across the ice and pick up the spy phone then attach it to the binoculars and put it in the 3rd tree to Ur left .

Which tree do you put the camera in on club penguin mission 9?

Turn to the right until you see the town. Turn a little bit more and you will see a dark greenish tree. Click on the tree when you have the camera/binoculars in hand. P.S. You need to connect the spy phone that you found to the camera/binoculars.

How do you get the rubber duck in the water on club penguin mission 9?

To get the duck in the water on mission 9,put the transmitter with it.Then,go to the iceberg and put it in the water.

Is there a cheat to get binoculars on red dead redemption?

No. You'll get them during a mission. Later you can get them out of your satchel.

What direction do you put the beams in club penguin mission 9?

left side

How do you put the wood in order on Mission 9 in Club Penguin?

You Need To Guest It To Do It!

What sign do you put the kite on in club penguin mission 9?

the ski hill sign

Where are the binoculars in the sws mission on binweevils?

i dont really know but it is reall hard so can someone help me

What might a tourtist put around their neck?

A camera A pair of binoculars

Are night vision binoculars appropriate for a 9 year old child?

Yeah I dont see any thing wrong with a 9 year old child having night vision binoculars.

On club penguin were do you look for herbert with the binoculars?

If you are talking about the mission Spy and Seek, you go to the frozen lake behind the ski lodge. you hold the binoculars and click on the far side of the frozen lake.

How do you get past lisbon portugal in mission 9 in the 39 clues?

put numbers in number order

How do you build the make shift camera on club penguin?

Put the spyphone and the binoculars together and put it in the tree

What tree do you put the camera in mission 9?

well........ you should put the camra in the tree farthest from the campsite. glad if i could help!

What is the plural of binoculars?


How do you get on mos hi monsters mission number 9?

you have to complete mission 8 and then mission 9 will be unlocked