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Q: How do rattlesnakes catch and eat a meal?
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What adaptations does a roadrunner have to make to adapt to the desert?

it is able to run fast so that it can catch small rattlesnakes to eat.

How often do rattlesnakes eat?

Rattlesnakes eat when they are hungry and when prey is available. After a large meal they may not eat again for days or even weeks. During the winter the go months without eating.

How much do rattlesnakes eat in day?

Rattlesnakes usually eat only when they are hungry. If a snake has recently had a large meal, it may go a week or more before feeding again.

Do rattlesnakes eat hawks?

No. They eat small rodents and animals, but a hawk will eat a snake. I have seen them catch one.

Do rattlesnakes eat kingsnakes?

No, but kingsnakes will eat rattlesnakes.

Do rattlesnakes eat owls?

No, but owls eat rattlesnakes.

Do rattlesnakes eat foxes and coyotes?

No. Foxes and coyotes are too big for rattlesnakes to eat.

Do rattlesnakes eat cats?

No. Rattlesnakes are not large enough to eat cats.

Can eagles eat rattlesnakes?

Yes, eagles will kill and eat rattlesnakes.

Do rattlesnakes eat Mexican poppies?

No, rattlesnakes are carnivores and eat no plants.

Do foxes eat rattlesnakes?

No, but foxes may eat rattlesnakes at times.

Do rattlesnakes eat raccoons?

No, but raccoons may eat smaller rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes would only be able to eat a new born raccoon.

Do geese eat rattlesnakes?

No. Hawks and eagles occasionally eat rattlesnakes, but not geese.

Do rattlesnakes eat foxes?

No, but foxes may eat rattlesnakes at times.

Do rattlesnakes eat crickets?

No, rattlesnakes are carnivores, not insectivores. They primarily eat small rodents.

Do rattlesnakes eat mushrooms?

No, rattlesnakes only eat small warmblooded animals (e.g. mammals, birds) and sometimes eggs. Rattlesnakes don't eat mushrooms.

Do rattlesnakes eat desert badgers?

Rattlesnakes could not eat an animal as large as a badger. However, badgers will sometimes feed on rattlesnakes.

Why do King snakes eat rattlesnakes?

Kingsnakes will eat other snakes simply for a meal. They don't eat rattle snakes for any different reason than they would other snakes.

Can you catch and sell rattlesnakes in Louisiana?


What do rattlesnakes like to do?

rattlesnakes like to eat and like to sleep.mice

Do dragonflies eat their meal dead or alive?

Dragonflies eat their prey alive. In fact, they catch it out of midair.

Do rattlesnakes eat citrus fruit?

No, rattlesnakes are strictly carnivores. They eat no fruit.

Do rattlesnakes eat kangaroo rats?

Yes. Rattlesnakes will eat most any small rodent.

Do weasels eat rattlesnakes?


Do rattlesnakes eat insects?

They do not