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the heart pumps all of the blood including

plasma (like water)

lymph (immune system)

white blood cells (fight invading cells)

and red blood cells (carry oxygen)

the red blood cells travel through the

veins (to the heart)

arteries (from the heart)

capillaries (distribute oxygen to cells)

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What do red blood cells travel in?

Red blood cells travel in a liquid called plasma found in the blood vessels.

Compare white blood cells with red blood cells?

white cells scab over a open cut which red blood cells travel with blood

Why red blood cells do not contain blood vessels?

Red blood cells are too small to contain blood vessels. They are cells and they travel in blood vessels.

How fast do red blood cells travel?


What is the liquid in which blood cells travel?

It's called blood. Blood is made of red and white blood cells and plasma.

How do red blood cells get around your body?

They travel in the blood. They are one of the 4 components of the blood and they travel collectively

What provides transport for white and red blood cells?

blood maybe Edit: Most red and white blood cells come from the bone marrow and then travel in the blood through the veins.

How can you make red blood cells travel faster in your body?

By doing vigorous exercise. it makes our heart pumps faster, hence, making red blood cells travel faster in your body.

Red blood cells float in what watery part of the body is called?

The clear liquid part of the blood is called plasma, and it is the base for red and white blood cells to travel in.

What part of the body does the red blood cells travel?

Red blood cells are part of the blood and travel where the blood goes. Blood is moved through the heart to the lungs and back to the heart. Then it is moved through arteries to all the tissues of the body and back to the heart through the veins.

How does oxygen get from your lungs to your cells?

The oxygen in the lungs is transfered from the air to the red blood cells in the alveoli. These blood cells then travel to all the cells in the body to supply them with oxygen.

How are red and white blood cells alike?

they both travel in viens and arteries

How does the red blood cells travel through out the body?

The red cells, white cells, platelets and anti-bodies all travel throughout the body suspended in a straw-coloured fluid called plasma.

What are specialised cells?

They are different cells in a unique way as they carry out the different jobs from a normal cell. For example the red blood cells travel round the body producing oxygen and blood, you produce over 10,000 red blood cells a day!!

What are redblood cells?

Red blood cells are the bad blood cells in our blood. They are in our blood, hence the name red blood cells.

Where are the red blood cells and white blood cells produced?

Red blood cells and white blood cells are produced in your red bone marrow.

What term refers to a light yellow liquid in which red blood cells white blood cells and platelets are suspended?

Plasma is the light yellow liquid in which red and white blood cells and platelets are suspened. it also dissolves the nutrients that travel in blood.

Does every part of the body have red blood cells?

As the name says, red blood cells are found in the blood. If there is blood there, there is red blood cells.

What is the colors of your blood cells?

red blood cells are red white blood cells are white

What does mono do to your red blood cells?

what does Red Blood cells do?

How red blood cells get replaced?

The old red blood cells get replaced by the newly formed red blood cells.

3 kinds of blood cells?

red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are like white blood cells, but not. Your blood is actually clear but it is red because of your red blood cells.

Are there more white blood cells or red blood cells?

There are more red blood cells than white blood cells. It's because white blood cells are less used than red blood cells.

How come red blood cells do not have nuclei?

A lack of nuclei allows the red blood cell to contain more hemoglobin, which transports oxygen. It also allows the red blood cells to squeeze through tight spots as they travel the body

How many miles do red blood cells travel in one day?

100,000 miles