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They put sand in its gizzard to grind the food, because it doesn`t have teeth.

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What does wiggler worms eat?

Well, RED wiggler worms eat rotting vegetation, compost, and manure

How do red wiggler worms reproduce?

They lay eggs.

What is a red worm?

A Red Worm also known as a Red WigglerWorms are

Are red wiggler worms and red earthworms the same thing?

The two, red wiggler worms and red earthworms are related however they aren't the same animal. The red wiggler worm or eisenia fetida is of the same family, lumbricidae as the red worm or lumbricus rubellus, however they are of different genera.

How many worms do you need for composting?

It depends on the amount of household waste you want to compost. Red wiggler worms eat half their body weight each day. If you want to compost 1 pound of waste-you would need 2 pounds of worms.

Can you feed a bearded dragon red wiggler worms?

No, most reptiles like live insects like crickets.

How do you harvest vermi-compost?

Dig a shallow hole by what we call a worm's burrow. You should find the burrow of a Red Wiggler, which are specialty worms. Red wigglers vermi-compost.

How big can a red wiggler get?


Do red wiggler worms eat human feces?

They will eat human, dog feces etc. but it's not advisable to feed it to them if you will be using the worm tea and castings in vegetable gardens etc. for human feces it would be better to build a biogas digester and use the gas to cook with.

What do red belly salamanders eat?


What do Red cockaded woodpecker eat?


How old do red eared slider have to be to eat earth worms?

It dose not matter what age they have to be to eat earth worms

Do goldfish eat red worms?

mine do I feed my goldfish every day red wriggler worms. I compost with the worms so I have a plenty of them. They eat about worms a day each and are very healthy. (3-4 inch fish)

Why is redworm important?

doing a school report there buddy?The uses and benefits of red worms are converting yard waste and table scraps into nutrient-rich organic matter for the garden. Red wiggler worms are ideally suited to vermicomposting (worm composting), due to their voracious appetites.

What do red worms eat?

any things that is biodegratable

Can baby chicks eat red worms?


What kind of insects do red robins eat?


How much do worms eat?

How much worms eat depends on the type and size of the worms in question. In general, earthworms such as red wigglers can eat half their body weight every day.

What do red spotted newt eat?

they will eat blood worms grubs and flies

What animal eat red worms?

Yes, they eat insects, berries, and bamboo.

What does the red breasted robin eat?

Worms, insects and fruits.

What do red billed ducks eat?

worms, fish, and plants

Can a red ear slider eat worms?

hell yea

What do Red- spotted Newts eat?

They eat worms, spiders, snails and slugs.

What does a Red and Black Salamander eat?

flies, crickets , worms ,etc.