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The correct form is, according to R.M. Theis's Standard Lexicon of Titlology (1957, 2nd Edn., Oxon), for a man a "Connection" or, for a female, a "Connect". My own preference is to refer to either male or female as a "Connection" and to refer to both males and females as "Connections". It would appear that Theis accepted "Connections" as being the term for a group of either males or females from the area of Connecticut.

An indignant addendum:

I've lived in Connecticut for 40 years and never heard of this. And except for this exact answer being repeated on other sites, there is almost no mention when googling this reference. Seven hits in all of Google. Even if the above answer is not plagiarism, the answer is not at all a generally accepted one.

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Q: How do refer to someone from Connecticut?
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