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How do refugees get their food?



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It depends on what country they are in. Some countries welcome refugees, help them with housing and make sure they have some food to help them get started until they can find work. But in other countries, there is not much of a welcome and the refugees languish in camps, where they often suffer for months or even years. These refugees survive on whatever food is in the camp-- some refugees may grow some edible plants or vegetables or seek out water from a stream (which is often polluted); there are a few camps that have become like a community, and the people who live there have found ways to barter or work odd jobs, giving them enough money to shop at local markets. But in most cases, the refugees have few rights and few opportunities; they rely on aid from charities, which bring in corn meal or rice to the camps. There is great competition for this food, and not everyone is able to have enough.