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You can't rent Video Games on Netflix, but you can rent them from Blockbuster online if that's helpful. :)

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Does Netflix rent video games?

No, Netflix has no plans to enter the video game rental space, so the answer is no netflix will never enter the video game rental space.

Does Netflix let people rent video games?

No, netflix only rents movies, only blockbuster, redbox, and gamefly has videogames not netflix.

Can you rent resident evil 5 for Xbox 360 through Netflix?

Netflix is only movie rentals, it does not have video games.

Can you rent games on Netflix?

no you cant rent games from netflix, but you can rent games from Gamefly and Block Busters> Gamefly and block buster rents video games! I have a gamefly account!

Where can you rent Xbox games and download in Xbox? is the best place to rent video games. It is like netflix, you pay a monthly fee and they mail the games to you. Also some of the Redbox dvd rental kiosks now allow you to rent video games.

Can you rent games through Netflix?

no you cannot rent games through netflix that would not happen anytime soon

Can you rent Wii games from Netflix?

no you cannot

Do you rent Netflix games for ds?

does not exsist

Where can you watch Cheech and Chong movies?

You can rent them from video stores or Netflix.

Can you rent games by Netflix?

No, that's Gamefly.

How does Netflix work with video games?

it doesn't... Netflix is for renting movies!

Can Netflix stream video games?


Where can you rent a PS3?

Some of the places that rent Video games also rent the PS3

How do you play video games from Netflix on the wii?

no you cannot

How can one stream video games on Netflix?

To stream video games via Netflix, one needs a Netflix account and a internet-enabled TV. One can then choose which game one wishes to stream to their home.

How do you watch Alvin chipmunks 2?

You rent it from a video store, Netflix, Redbox or buy the DVD.

Can you rent video games at Gamestop?

You cannot rent video games at gamestop to my knowledge, you can only buy them. Check your local blockbuster (or any movie rental place), for you can most likely rent games there.

Where can you get Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?

You can rent it at blockbuster,buy it from or target or walmart at the video/electronic center. You can also rent it from Netflix!!

Where can you watch transformers movie?

Rent it from netflix, redbox, video store or try checking it out from the public library.

Does Hollywood Video rent Nintendo ds games?


Where can you watch how the Grinch stole Christmas the movie?

Rent it from video store, netflix, redbox or check it out from a public library.

Where can one find a video games rental service?

Video games can be rented online at Blockbuster and Netflix. These companies will send the video games through the mail right to a customer's mailbox.

HOW much to rent games at Hollywood video?

$6.99 -$7.99

Does Hollywood video rent out ds games?

No. Blockbuster does, though.

Where can you watch The Passion of the Christ?

You can rent it from video store, netflix or possibly check it out from a public library. Or you could buy it on DVD.