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Generally, the skimmer area of the pool can be sleeved with PVC if there is a leak

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How to Fix skimmer leak in ground pool?

NO the leak is in the entrance to the skimmer, a grout line was broken when I had the pool replastered and the vibrations from the jackhammers did it. The plaster co. will not take responsibility for this. You have to actually determine that the skimmer is in fact leaking. Repair kits are available on the market just for this situation. However, the leak has to be at the very bottom or near bottom of the skimmer. Have you had a pressure test on the system?

Can a leak in an underground pool be caused by a pool skimmer?

Yes possibly In reality, the skimmer will not cause a leak. What causes leaks are people who do not connect or glue the fittings to the skimmer properly. Or ground movement like earthquakes. k

How do you repair a leak at the skimmer?

turn the pool pump off,take off the cover of the pool skimmer box, The pool water level must be above the area where the skimmer box meets the pool wall. If it is not, add water to the pool until it is at least 1 inch above this seam.

In ground pool when filled up and pump running water is leaking somewhere but will stop after it is under the skimmer could someone please tell what might be wrong?

Best guess is that there is a leak in the return pipe from the skimmer to the pump. Sorry to say its probly not a cheap fix. There also could be a leak at the gasket around the skimmer opening.

How do you repair an upstairs waste plumbing leak- where the pipes are in the ground floor ceiling?

Usually by cutting an access hole in ground floor ceiling to locate and fix leak.

Why is your pump on your above ground pool losing pressure?

You might be pulling air from the skimmer or there is a leak some place within your pump on the suction side

Why am I going through 1-2 gallon of antifreeze a week?

You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.

Repair leak near filter return of an above ground pool?

To repair a leak near the filter return of an above ground pool, a marine patch should be used. Marine patches are available at home improvement stores like Menards and Home Depot.

How do you seal a pool leak?

If the leak is in the plumbing, you can get a qualified leak detection company repair the broken pipe, skimmer, or other area where the leak exists. If the leak is in the surface of the pool (such as a hole, or through cracks in the surface), coating the pool with a new fiberglass surface is your best bet. Fiberglass can be applied over plaster, aggregate (pebble-tec), vinyl liners, and virtually any other surface. You can see a video here:http://www.advancedpoolcoatings.com/videos.htmlthat is the best answer you can ever get!! does this answer your question?

If there is a sunken area in the bottom of a vinyl liner pool does this mean there is a leak?

Are you lossing a lot of water? Do you use any type pool cleaner that attached into the skimmer that bounces on the pool floor? If you do and the base is poolcrete is being better down.. and THAT could cause a hole... You may or may not have a leak but the sunken area is caused by the collapse of the sand or ground under that area of the pool allowing the liner to fill in the hole created by that collapse.

How do you repair above ground pool leak?

Drain the water to below the level of the leak, and let it dry. Glue a patch over the hole, and let it dry according to the directions in the patch repair kit. Refill pool and enjoy swimming.

Why does the vacuum work for about 15 seconds and then lose suction?

you have a leak in your pipes or skimmer has a crack

What does it cost to repair a vacuum leak on a 2001 deville?

What does it cost to repair a vaccum leak on a 2001 deville

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

How much does it cost to repair an oil leak from a car?

It depends on where the leak is and what is causing the leak.

How do you troubleshoot a leak or a blockage in your suction line without having to rip out the concrete deck?

1st to see if it a leak ...close the skimmer valve...do you get alot more air bubbles in the punk basket?/if yes.thiers a leak in the main drain linethen do the same thing for your skimmer(make sure you have enought wayer in the pool.thanks

How can I detect and repair a leaking basement?

I think I have a water leak in my basement. What are some ways to detect and repair the leak?

Is it expensive to repair an air leak?

It can be expensive to repair an air leak. However, this depends on where the air leak is coming from. It may be as simple as replacing a few hoses.

Cost to repair a water leak in basement?

The cost to repair a water leak in a basement will depend with the leaking hole. The cost to repair it can range from $20 to about $150.

What will stop a water leak?

Repair the pipe of fixture to stop your leak.

Why do you get bubbles through the jet when vacuuming your in-ground pool?

It could be possible that you have pin holes or cracks in your vac hose. Otherwise, you may have a suction leak between the pump and the skimmer. Those could be at the pump: bad lid o-ring, loose pump lid, loose fittings into and out of the pump, bad pump seal. At the skimmer & plumbing: cracked or broken plumbing lines or fittings. Defective skimmer.

How do you repair a water service line leak?

You would contact a plumber. Depending where the leak is, the city may need to be contacted for repair.

Ram 1500 radiator leak?

Find leak, repair/replace cause.

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