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How do repair the transmission in a 1991 Ford Probe 2.2 FWD?


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2015-07-15 21:34:49
2015-07-15 21:34:49

take it to a shop is it a 5speed or an auto? 5speeds are easy to fix to a point autos are a pain if needing a new one go for new/ used and dont do a rebuild rebuild can cost 1200+ as new/used some times half that


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what type transmission fluid uses for a 1991 ford probe

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The 1991 Ford Probe does not have a transmission fluid intake reservoir. All of the transmission fluid is contained in the transmission.

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no but if you can find an 88 to 92 tranny it will work fine

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how to check the fluid on a manual transmission for a 1989 ford probe gt

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no it is not , your looking approx. 8.5 hrs in and out to replace a probe transmission....

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