How do ring tail cats reproduce?

Ringtail cats reproduce by sexual reproduction. The mating season of ringtails occurs from February to June, and the gestation period lasts 51-53 days. The period females are in heat only lasts 24 hours within the mating season. The number in a litter ranges from 1-5 but is usually 2-4, and newborns weigh an average of 0.9 ounces or 25 grams. At birth, ringtails are white-haired and fuzzy and the tail is not yet colored with the white and black bands. In the mating rituals of these animals, both males and females mark their territory (which does not overlap) with urine and feces usually near their dwellings. These markings act as "calling cards" that deter competition in members of the same sex and attract reproductive partners in members of the opposite sex.