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Assuming you are fighting a windows operations system computer (Windows 98, XP, etc.)and are holding a two button mouse: moving the mouse, locate the arrow on the screen on top of the image and click on it with the right button on the mouse. This should open up a dialogue box offerring choice of placement for the copied image. Know thy computer.

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What is a jpg and why is it used?

A .jpg or .jpeg file format is used when saving images. It is the default save format when downloading an image from the internet. Other common file formats are: .PNG or .Tiff.

What format does iphone use for pictures?


Why do you save things as jpg?

.Jpg is an image file format. When saving an image this is the default save setting. You can change this to save images as .png if you wish.

What is a JPEG file format?

This is a common format for pictures and other image files. It can be writen at .JPEG or .JPG.

A JPG is what file type on a computer?

A jpg otherwise known as jpeg is an image file. When you save an image from the internet .jpg or .jpeg is the default save extension.

What is the best type of graphic format to use for photos to be used on the internet?


What type of format shall you use for your image that you created to be published in the internet and for printing purposes?

Use JPG format.

How do you create photoshop image into jpg image?

Just save it in format zou want, you can do that from File - Save , Save as, Save for Web and Devices

How do you change photos that are in jpg format to png?

Open photo in photoshop then go to File > Save, Save As and in save As dialog click to expand Format: drop down list and choose JPEG or PNG for format, then click Save button.

I can save pictures on my psp with a usb cord but cant view them can any one help?

Make sure they are the correct format, use JPG, as they are the most common format and PSP definitely supports them. If that doesn't work, I can't help you.

How to save a file as a jpg file?

When Saving As... type the name then .jpg and it will be saved as a jpg. However jpgs are pictures and if it dosent save as a jpg it might have some issues such as being too big of a file for a jpg, lacking the appropriate header information or any of hundreds of different reasons..

How do you save a document as jpg?

You cannot save documents to this file extension, only non-animated pictures/images.

In what format are pictures saved that are emailed?

The file formats and extensions jpeg, jpg and gif are used to save pictures. The format and extension bmp refers to files made with Paint and are larger files generally. The format and file extension ttf are archival-quality photos; some people use home scanners but make archival files.

How do you put a moving layout on the new myspace?

Access .gif (Graphics Interchange Format) pictures and you'll find a lot but don't drag them to your desktop most of the time they become .jpg pictures or .jpeg pictures. So the safe bet is to right click it and save it properly.

How do you save an emailed photo in JPG format?

right click direct on photo and choose from list: save as, save image or save image as depend on browser you use

What software package can you use to make a JPG?

Any image editing software should be able to save to .jpg format. Some examples are Gimp and Photoshop.

How can you convert your iPhone pictures to jpg?

If you took the picture with your camera lens, it should already be a a .jpg upon being transferred to your computer. You can also open the pictures in an image editing program such as Paint or Photoshop, then re-save them (Save-As) .jpg. There is absolutely no need to use websites or download anything in order to convert images to .jpg, these downloads are usually spammy, malware or malicious.

How many pictures can 2gb hold?

That depends on the size of the pictures, format, compression level, etc... but it'a about 1000 pictures from a decent quality modern camera saved as JPG.

How can I convert jpg to PDF format?

Well, I would recommend converting jpg files to PDF format files with a jpg file to PDF format file converter. There are many jpg files to PDF format converters offered for use for a fee of no charge.

Scanning a picture in and it saved as a tif file. I need it to be in jpg or jepeg How do you make it a jpg file?

The format of the scan is a function of the scanner software. Most often you can start the scan and select a 'save as' command to set the format.

What is an Image format that supports compression and is typically used for photographs and complex images?

JPG or JPEG file format (.jpg or .jpeg).

What is jpeg and jpg?

They both mean Joint Photographic Experts Group. They are both the default format when saving non-animated images/pictures.

How do you change jpg photos back to file photos?

when you save the photo, there is a drop down menu at the bottom which you can change the format of the photos in

How does one convert jpg to pdf for pictures?

You wouldn't convert a .jpg file to .pdf, you simply need to embed the .jpg file in the .pdf document you are creating. Simply import the .jpg image and position it on the page where you like it. When you save your .pdf document, the image will be saved along with it.

What kind of electronic file is saved with the file extension jpg?

.jpg is a picture format.