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Q: How do scientists think the Colorado river was formed?
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How was Colorado formed?

colorado was formed by two erupting mountins i think ? :D

How and when do scientists think asteroids may have formed?

Scientists think that astroids were formed 4.44 billion years. They think that they were formed by a explosion of a planet, which then ceated tons of different size peices.

How do scientists think the moon was formed?

scientists hypothesize that the moon was formed when a huge object struck earth.

How do scientists think Earth formed?

big bang

How do humans influence the Colorado River?

well i think the answer is that we changed the speed of the river.

How doe scientists think protobionts formed?

Scientists think that protobionts formed by accidental natural causes.

When was Barbados Formed?

Scientists think that Barbados was formed about almost a million years ago.

How do scientists think a star is formed?

because well you are a retard

How and when do scientists think your solar systeam was formed?

When science was gored

What river source is in Lake County near Leadville Colorado?

i think it would be the Colorado river but i am not positive. and a question for you, are you doing this for pigskin geography?

How do scientists think the solar system formed and why?

they believe our solar system was formed by the big bang

How do the scientists think the solar system was formed?

See the related question

What do scientists think formed the rings on Saturn?

Water, ice, and dust.

How man states feed the Colorado River?

I think its four or five.

How do scientists think that stars were formed?

Scientist think that stars are formed from thick clouds of dust and gases whirling around space.

How do scientists think moon craters are formed?

Moon craters are formed by meteoroids hitting the moon's surface.

What is the longest river n the us?

The Mississippi river is the longest river, even though some scientists think the Missouri river is.

How do scientists think protibionts formed?

Biological molecules were trapped in molecular bubbles.

When do scientists think bryce canyon formed?

the Bryce canyon was formed over 70 million years ago.

Which do you think came first the Colorado plateau Colorado river or the Grand Canyon?

1st of course would be the Colorado plateau. Where would the river flow if it came first before the plateau? 2nd would be the Colorado river. As time went by, the Colorado river continually eroded the plateau until it had carved out a deep canyon from the plateau. This would then be the start of the Grand Canyon.

What are the bends and turns in a river formed as a river matures?

Meanders I think but I'm not 100% positive.

What two bodies of water does the st.lawrence river connect?

This is just a guess but I think it is like the Missipii or Ohio river or Colorado river or something.

Why do you think the border between California and Arizona is not a straight line?

The Colorado River separates it.

When and how did scientists think that the Earths oceans were formed?

Don't know when but they think by a dried out ocean that's why it's sandy

How do scientists think the planets were formed?

Scientists hold that the planets coalesced gravitationally out of the same proto-solar disk, a nebula of gas and dust, from which the Sun and the remainder of the solar system was formed.