Seals and Sea Lions

How do sea lions camouflage?

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Do sea lions use camouflage?

yes they do

What camouflage do lions use?

Lions rely on their protective coloration for camouflage.

Why is camouflage important to lions?

to catch their prey but i don't think lions have camouflage

How can white lions camouflage?

they don't

How does camouflage help lions?

It helps lions by hiding them from predators and prey.

How does being grey help sea lions?

It makes them more difficult to spot in open water by predators; a form of camouflage

Why are Sea Lions called lions?

Sea lions are called sea lions because they dominate like lions and they live in the sea

What is a sea otter's camouflage?

sea otters camouflage by wrapping themselves with the kelp

Do mountain lions camouflage themselves?


Why are sea lions called sea lions?

They are the lions of the sea, have whiskers like lions but swim in the ocean

What are the threats to Sea-lions?

what are the major threats to the sea lions

Why do lions camouflage?

So they can creep closer to their prey.

Where do camouflage lions live?

In small pits in dry soil, their other name is "ant lions".

What colour are sea lions?

Sea Lions are gray

Why sea lions are sea lions called?

They are stupid

What do baby sea lions do?

What do baby sea lions do?

Why are white lions more rare than lions?

white lions are more rare because they can't camouflage well in the wild

How do lions protect themselves?

by fighting and huntingStealth, camouflage, teeth and claws

What animals have good camouflage?

lions, polar bears and bats!

Which big-cat doesn't have spots for camouflage?


Are sea lions mammals or birds?

Sea lions are mammals.

What is the collective noun for sea lions?

a curse of sea lions

Do green sea turtles have camouflage?

no they dont have any camouflage of their enviroment

Are there sea lions in Antarctica?

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

How do lions use camouflage?

lions use the long grass which is a simerler colour to the lion its self to hide and blend in with its surrounding and to sneak up on its prayLions don't do much for camouflage. Mostly they rely on their natural fur color and their stalking skills.

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