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To produce carbonated water solution, the soda companies use pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). The pressurized CO2 is passed though the water, making more CO2 dissolve into the water. This is possible because the pressure increases the solubility of CO2, thus putting more the CO2 in the water than would be possible in the normal atmospheric pressure.

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Q: How do soda companies put CO2 in soda?
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Why do soda companies put CO2 in soda?


Why do soda companies put co2 in sodas?

Without Carbon Dioxide, it would not be fizzy.

Where the soda companies get the CO2 from?

it is because of sodium bicarbonate used in it

Why do people put CO2 in soda?

that's what gives soda the bubbles

Why does pop fizz?

No, the pop fizzes because of the co2 bubbles in the pop. The soda companies put it in the pop for a good texture. Email me at if you have more questions.

What does CO2 do in carbonated soda?

Carbonated soda has CO2 in it because the gas make the soda bubble and fizz.

How do you put Co2 in soda?

The drink is 'injected' with CO2 under high pressure. It's the pressure of the gas that makes it part of the drink.

Is there CO2 in soda?

yes there is

What makes soda corrosive?

The carbonation (pressurized CO2) creates carbonic acid in the soda. The soda is very acidic with a pH of about 2.5. If you put a tooth in soda, and let it sit for a few days, it would completely dissolve.

Can you separate H2O and CO2 in club soda?

Separating H2O and CO2 in club soda is possible. Just open the can or bottle and the CO2 will escape. Exposing it longer to air will release more CO2.

When did soda companies start putting expiration dates on soda cans?

Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983 Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983

What do soda have in it?

CO2 and sugar and flavoring

How does soda get carbonated?

With pressurized CO2

How does soda get its flavor?

Through the CO2.

What does aspartame have to do with soda companies now putting an expiration date on their soda?

What does aspartame have to do with soda companies now putting an expiration date on their soda ?

Why does the soda explodewhen you put pop rocks in it?

Because then the soda would melt the pop rocks therefore forcing the pop rocks to let it's CO2 (carbon dioxide) out because the pop rock basically cinsists of CO2 (carbon dioxide).Thats why you here a pop when you put pop rocks in your mouth.

How can you control baking soda in water?

add CO2 spray in a cup and cold water, than mix it with normal water with baking soda, this will stop the baking soda to composing itself. Or just put both baking soda and water than put it in a very cold area like the freezer of a refrigerator.

Is bottled soda an acid or a base?

soda is acidic because it has CO2 and carbonate

Why does regular soda have more CO2 than diet soda?

less sugar

Why does soda have fizz?

becuase it releases CO2

What are the bubbles in an ice cream soda?


What ingredient is in baking soda that extinguishes a grease fire?

a bicarbonate of baking soda is Co2 Co2 displaces oxygen which is fuel for the fire no fuel no fire

Will baking soda and vinegar chemically react?

Yes. Baking soda and vinegar will react. When the two combine, they create co2. The co2 comes in the form of bubbles and what is left of the vinegar unless you bomb it in baking soda. The co2 that comes out does not taste or smell good.

What does CO2 smell like?

CO2 is odorless. For example, the bubbles in soda water have no odor.

Why does shaking soda make it spray and splash out of the bottle or can?

Soda contains CO2,a gas.But it is disolved in water or other liquid substance.Soda is closed so nothing can come out.So when you shake it some of the CO2 comes out of the soda and the pressure gets high.The CO2 is compressed.When you open the soda,the pressured gas comes out.